Charles Goodwin, Esq.
Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney

Charles Goodwin, attorney

Charles Goodwin (查尔斯古德温) hails from UNLV's Boyd School of Law, where he excelled at moot court and scored the highest grade in three of his law school classes, including Immigration and Statutory Interpretation. Charles also completed highly-coveted externships with the Federal Public Defenders Office and the Clark County Public Defender, where he gained invaluable experience in all types of felony and misdemeanor cases.

Charges handles all types of criminal cases from possession of ecstasy in Las Vegas to DUI at sexual assault.

Charles speaks fluent Mandarin. 讲西班牙语。

Sample Case Results

  • Las Vegas v. J.S. (2019)
    Although J.S. was convicted of battery domestic violence, Charles Goodwin succeeded in getting a denial of the SB 142 finding, which allowed J.S. to retain his right to carry firearms.
  • Las Vegas v. E.D. (2019)
    E.D. is a DACA recipient who was charged with a DUI, which is a DACA deal-breaker. The prosecutor refused to a plea deal until the day of trial, when the prosecutor finally agreed to reduce the DUI down to a reckless driving. Now E.D. can keep DACA status.
  •  Henderson v. C.T. (2019)
    C.T. was charged with battery domestic violence, which is very difficult to get reduced. However, Charles Goodwin conducted a thorough investigation and built a strong defense. Charles presented his evidence to the prosecutor, who agreed to reduce the charge down to simple battery for three months and then dismiss the charge completely.

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