Places in Nevada where consuming marijuana is still illegal

Adults 21 and older may possess up to 1 oz. of marijuana in Nevada, but not in public.[1] Even private residences are off limits under Las Vegas Nevada marijuana laws if the property owner or homeowner association prohibits weed on the premises.[2]

The following are just some Nevada locations where smoking a joint may result in misdemeanor charges carrying a $600 fine:

  • common areas in apartment buildings[3]
  • office buildings[4]
  • schools, colleges, universities & day care centers[5]
  • casinos[6]
  • hotels, including hotel rooms[7]
  • bars and restaurants, including hookah lounges[8]
  • stadiums[9]
  • parks[10]
  • public bathrooms[11]
  • planes[12]
  • McCarran International Airport[13]
  • all airports past the TSA checkpoint[14]
  • public transportation, including taxis, trains, shuttles, monorails, and buses[15]
  • private transportation, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and bikes[16]
  • federal lands, including parks, forests and monuments[17]
  • federal buildings, including post offices, courthouses, airports, housing, and VA buildings[18]
  • any other public place[19]

Nevada legislators are considering licensing a limited number of "lounges" for legal public marijuana consumption. But for now marijuana consumption in public remains prohibited under state law.[20]

Note that federal law prohibits marijuana possession and consumption everywhere, not just in public.[21] But the feds are unlikely to target solely recreational users who follow state and local laws.

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