"Category E Felonies" in Nevada (NRS 193.130)

Category E felonies
are the least serious class of felony crimes in Nevada. The judge usually orders a Nevada suspended sentence in lieu of prison.

As with all criminal cases, it may be possible to plea bargain a category E charge down to a lesser offense or a full dismissal. If no deal can be reached, the defendant is entitled to a jury trial

Category E convictions may be sealed two (2) years after the case closes. Depending on the offense, aliens convicted of a category E felony may be deported from the U.S.

Below our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys answer frequently-asked-questions about category E felonies in Nevada, including definitions, punishments, and record seal time frames. Click on a topic to go to that section.

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Category E felonies are the least serious category of Nevada felonies.

1. What are Category E felonies in Nevada?

Category E crimes in Nevada are the least grave class of felonies. But they are more serious than gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors.1

Common examples of category E felonies in Nevada are:

Note that attempting to commit a category E felony is prosecuted as a "wobbler" crime that can be treated as either a category E felony or a gross misdemeanor.6 Learn more about Nevada wobbler offenses.

2. What are the penalties for Category E felonies in Nevada?

Nevada courts typically grant probation to defendants convicted of category E felonies. This means the judge will suspend a jail sentence as long as the defendant stays out of trouble and fulfills other court-ordered requirements. But the maximum penalties may include:

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When a judge imposes a sentence range for a Nevada felony conviction, the minimum time cannot exceed 40% of the maximum time. For example, if a judge orders someone to a maximum prison term of four (4) years, the minimum time must be no more than 19.2 months, which is 40% of four (4) years.8

3. Can I get a jury trial for a Category E felony in Nevada?

Yes. Anyone who is charged with a category E felony in Nevada has the constitutional right to a jury trial.9

4. Can I get a Category E felony sealed?

Category E felony convictions can usually be sealed two (2) years after the case closes. But the case can never be sealed if it involved a crime against children, a sex crime, or felony DUI.10

If the case gets dismissed (which means there is no conviction), the defendant can start the record seal petition process immediately.11

5. Will I get deported for a Category E felony?

Even though category E felonies are the least serious class of felonies, some of them may be considered crimes involving moral turpitude (CIMT). Aliens convicted of a CIMT risk deportation, which is why non-citizens are advised to retain counsel to attempt to get their charges changed to a non-deportable offense.12 Read more about Nevada criminal defense of immigrants law.

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