How much does it cost to seal my criminal record in Nevada?

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The cost varies from court to court, but the process of getting a criminal record seal in Nevada amounts to around $150 total if the person does not use an attorney. However, it is highly recommended that people seeking record seals consult with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney for the following five reasons:

  1. An attorney can help determine whether the person is even eligible for a record seal. Sometimes people petition for a seal when they are not qualified, costing them time and money they cannot get back.
  2. If the person has an extensive or confusing criminal history, an attorney has the skills to investigate the matter and obtain all the necessary paperwork.
  3. The process of composing the petition to seal, order to seal, and affidavit can be very painstaking and confusing, and just one innocent error can cause the prosecutor to reject the petition. Attorneys are used to writing and preparing record seal petitions and know how to avoid mistakes. The chances of a petition to seal being accepted on the first try are much higher with an attorney who has experience than with a non-lawyer going through the process for the first time.
  4. The police, prosecutors, and court clerks typically prefer working with attorneys rather than unrepresented people, and in practice, they take cases more seriously if there is a private attorney involved.
  5. Record sealing involves may steps, including obtaining a criminal history, writing the paperwork, submitting the paperwork to the prosecution, submitting the paperwork to the judge, and mailing the paperwork to various agencies. Attorneys have experience in all of these steps and know whom to contact and what to do if something gets held up. Unrepresented non-lawyers may have a difficult time following up on all the steps in the process and may be given the runaround by state agencies who do not take them seriously.

For people who still wish to pursue a record seal on their own, the average cost breakdown in Las Vegas Justice Court is as follows:

Nevada record sealing task

Estimated costs in Las Vegas Justice Court

Obtaining criminal history (“SCOPE”) from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


Obtaining criminal history from Nevada Department of Public Safety


Fingerprinting service

The going rate is about $25, depending on the company

Filing Petition and Order to Seal Records with Las Vegas Justice Court


Obtaining four certified copies of signed Order to Seal (more or less may be needed)

$12 ($3 per copy)

Postage for mailing out Order to Seal to various government agencies

$3.57 ($1.19 per envelope)

Note that convictions of the following crimes generally can never be sealed in Nevada:

  • felony DUIs (DUI causing injury or death, vehicular homicide, or a third-time DUI in seven years)
  • crimes against children (kidnapping, false imprisonment, involuntary servitude, sex trafficking, and prostitution)
  • sex crimes

Otherwise, criminal records can be sealed one to ten years after the case ends, depending on the offense. Note that cases that get dismissed (meaning there is no conviction) are sealable right away.

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