What Reno, Nevada Crimes Will Get Me on Nevada’s Sex Offender Registry?

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Having to register as a Reno, Nevada sex offender after a conviction is a punishment that can weigh on you and limit your future long after you've served your time behind bars. But what Reno crimes will get you on Nevada's Sex Offender Registry?

Nevada law requires that “each offender convicted of a crime against a child and each sex offender” register as a sex offender with local law enforcement or the appropriate state agency. (NRS 179D.441).

You Will Be a Registered Sex Offender in Reno, Nevada If Convicted of Any of These Offenses

A “sex offender” who will be placed on the registry is a person who has been convicted of any of the following offenses:

  • First-degree murder committed in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of sexual assault or of sexual abuse or sexual molestation of a child less than 14 years of age
  • Sexual assault
  • Statutory sexual seduction
  • Battery with intent to commit sexual assault.
  • An offense involving the administration of a drug to another person with the intent to enable or assist the commission of a felony pursuant to NRS 200.405
  • An offense involving the administration of a controlled substance to another person with the intent to enable or assist the commission of a crime of violence pursuant to NRS 200.408, if the crime of violence.
  • Child abuse, if the abuse involved sexual abuse or sexual exploitation
  • An offense involving child pornography
  • Incest
  • Open or gross lewdness
  • Indecent or obscene exposure
  • Lewdness with a child
  • Sexual penetration of a dead human body
  • Luring a child or a person with mental illness, if punished as a felony.
  • Sex trafficking

(NRS 179D.097)

Additionally, any other offense that has an element involving a sexual act or sexual conduct, an attempt or conspiracy to commit any of the foregoing offenses, an offense that is determined to be sexually motivated, or an offense committed in another jurisdiction that, if committed in Nevada, would be an offense listed above will require registration.

If you are convicted in Reno of certain crimes and attempted crimes against children, you will also be considered a Nevada registered sex offender. Specifically:

  • Kidnapping, unless the offender is the parent or guardian of the victim
  • False imprisonment, unless the offender is the parent or guardian of the victim
  • Involuntary servitude of a child pursuant, unless the offender is the parent or guardian of the victim
  • An offense involving sex trafficking

(NRS 179D.0357)

If you have been arrested and are being charged with a Reno, Nevada sex offense, it is crucial that you retain an experienced Reno, Nevada criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The consequences of a conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life, so call us today.


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