Nevada "Fraud" Laws
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Nevada crime of fraud is deliberately misrepresenting yourself with the intent to receive benefits. Many people are falsely accused of this crime and face serious penalties such as prison and astronomical fines.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have been very successful in negotiating favorable resolutions that keep our clients' records clean. Click on an individual topic below to learn more about the law and how we can help.

  • Asset Forfeiture in Nevada

The government typically has the right to seize assets that they suspect is evidence of a crime. Read more in our article about asset forfeiture.
  • Auto insurance fraud (NRS 686A)
It is illegal to lie about vehicle damage in order to receive more money from a car insurance company. Learn more in our article on auto insurance deception.
  • Credit card fraud (NRS 205.760)
It is an offense to use another person's credit card or to manufacture false ones. For more go to our article about credit card deception.
  • Foreclosure fraud (NRS 645F.400)
Foreclosure consultants may be prosecuted for deception if they do not abide by the terms of their contracts with homeowners. To learn more go to our webpage on foreclosure deception.
  • Gaming fraud (NRS 465.070)
It is illegal to use information not known to the general public when gambling in Nevada. To learn more, go to our webpage on gaming deception.
  • Health care fraud (NRS 422)
Cops may arrest a doctor or other medical professional for lying to health insurance companies about how much money they are entitled to. To learn more go to our webpage on health care deception.
  • Identity theft (NRS 205)
It is a federal offense to assume another's identity to receive money or other benefits. Read more at our webpage on identity theft.
  • Medical insurance fraud (NRS 422)
Doctors and medical staff may face charges for this crime if they are suspected of bilking health insurers to get more money. To read more go to our webpage on medical insurance deception.
  • Mortgage fraud (NRS 205.372)
It is illegal to make a false statement or conceal a material fact deliberately when conducting a mortgage lending transaction. Learn the law in our article on mortgage deception.
  • Obtaining money by false pretenses (NRS 205.380)
Nevada outlaws monetary transactions where one party profits from a material misrepresentation made to the other. Find out more at our page on obtaining money by false pretenses.
  • Securities fraud (NRS 90)
Any fraudulent act involving the stock market and investments is highly illegal in Nevada. Read more at our page on securities deception.
  • Unemployment insurance fraud (NRS 612)
Both employers and former employees may violate unemployment insurance laws. Learn how at our page on unemployment insurance deception.
  • Welfare fraud (NRS 422A)
It is unlawful to deceive social services into giving you more assistance than you are entitled to otherwise. Read about the law at our page on welfare deception.
  • Wire fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1341)
It is illegal to use wire communications that cross state lines to perpetrate a deception. Learn more.
  • Bank fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1344)
It is illegal to use a "scheme" to defraud a financial institution. Learn more.
  • Bankruptcy fraud (18 U.S.C. § 157)
It is a federal crime to engage in deception in bankruptcy proceedings. Learn more.
  • Mail fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1341)
It is illegal to use a mail service to perpetrate a deception whether or not the mail crosses state lines. Learn more.
  • Securities fraud (15 U.S.C. § 78)
Insider trading is illegal and punishable by very harsh crimes. Learn more.
  • Workers compensation fraud (NRS 616D)
It is an offense to lie in order to receive or keep more money from workers compensation insurance. Read more about it in our article on workers compensation deception.
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To read about California law, please see our informational article on California fraud laws.


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