Nevada "Heroin" Possession Laws
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Selling or even possessing heroin is a serious crime in Nevada. Penalties include time in Nevada State Prison and fines. Also, a conviction would appear on your background check when you apply for jobs.

A large segment of our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers' practice is heroin cases. Oftentimes we can win an outright dismissal or significantly reduced charges.

First we negotiate with prosecutors to try to get a favorable plea bargain without a trial. But we are always ready to take things to a jury and fight for the best possible outcome.

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About Heroin in Nevada

Heroin is a schedule I controlled substance that is typically injected intravenously. Common names include dragon, dope, big H, black tar, and smack.

Heroin Possession Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.336)

Nevada makes it a felony crime to possess heroin even just for personal use. However a first-time offense can often be dismissed without prison or a conviction. In such cases you may have to take a class or do Nevada Drug Court.

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Heroin Possession for Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.337)

It is a felony crime in Nevada to possess heroin for the purpose of selling it. However, D.A.s frequently do not have enough evidence to prove this charge.

For extensive information on Las Vegas controlled substance possession for sale law, refer to this page: Nevada crime of possession of narcotics / drugs with intent to sell.

Heroin Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.321)

Nevada makes it a felony to sell, manufacture or trade heroin. This law does not punish purchasing heroin, which is charged as either drug possession or narcotics trafficking.

To read in depth information about Las Vegas drug sale laws, refer to our article: Nevada crime of selling narcotics / drugs.

Heroin Trafficking Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.3395)

Nevada drug trafficking laws come into play in cases where the heroin weighs at least 4 grams. Penalties increase when it weighs 14 grams, and the harshest penalties apply at 28 grams.

Read more about Las Vegas trafficking laws at our informational webpage: Nevada crime of trafficking narcotics / drugs.

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