"Capturing image of private area of another person" in Nevada (NRS 200.604)
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In an age where surveillance cameras line nearly every public space in Nevada, it is all-too-easy for proprietors to be wrongly accused of being "Peeping Toms." Our Las Vegas NV criminal defense lawyers are here to defend you against such "video voyeurism" charges and to prove you did nothing improper.

The Nevada crime of "capturing image of private area of another person" prohibits people from taking photos or video of someone else in a state of undress without their permission. It is often charged in association with the Nevada crime of peering, Nevada crime of stalking, Nevada crime of cyber-stalking, or the Nevada crime of harassment. Learn more about Nevada sex crimes.

Note that this statute does not prohibit a person from copying, without permission, a consensually recorded video depicting sexual acts. (Coleman (Solomon) v. Nevada, 134 Nev. Advance Opinion 28 (2018)).

If you have been arrested for "capturing image of private area of another person" in Las Vegas, the Nevada crime of stalking, the Nevada crime of harassment, or any other offense, contact our Nevada criminal defense attorneys at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673) ASAP. Our Nevada criminal defense attorneys will work to help secure a favorable resolution in your case.

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