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Charged with a crime in Fresno, California?

If you have been arrested for a crime in Fresno, California, you've come to the right place. 

We have a proven record of fighting aggressively for clients accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes. Our passion is just one reason why Shouse Law Group is considered one of the best criminal defense law firms in Fresno.

Trusted Fresno criminal defense

Charges our top Fresno DUI attorneys and criminal defense lawyers fight include:

  • Fresno animal cruelty
  • Fresno assault and battery
  • Fresno domestic violence
  • Fresno drug crimes
  • Fresno DUI
  • Fresno gang crimes
  • Fresno juvenile crime
  • Fresno lewd conduct
  • Fresno sex crimes
  • Fresno theft – (including Fresno shoplifting and Fresno grand theft auto) and
  • Most other Fresno criminal offenses.

Fresno prosecutors and judges are tough on crime

Fresno has a perceived problem with drugs, drug trafficking, gang activity, domestic violence and drunk driving. As a result, the Fresno district attorney often responds to arrests by filing serious charges -- often overcharging them.

Fresno judges are tough on crime, too. They frequently saddle defendants with tough penalties and sentencing. Many of these defendants simply made a mistake and deserve a break. Some are factually innocent. 

As home to long stretches of the I-5 and 99 freeways, Fresno County also has a high California DUI arrest rate. CHP officers lie in wait seeking to nab out-of-town and Fresno motorists for all sorts of traffic violations, DUI chief among them. 

The arrest process in Fresno

Most people arrested for a crime by either the Fresno Police Department or the Fresno County Sheriff's Office are first taken to a local police station for processing. If the arrest is for DUI, this is also where  a breath, urine, or chemical blood test will be conducted.

The arrest process can take as long as four hours before the person is brought for booking to the Fresno County Jail at 1225 M St, Fresno, CA 93721.

Intake at the jail consists of:

  1. medical screening,
  2. the booking process, and
  3. the classification interview.

After receiving written notification from the court that all charges have been cleared, it may take several more hours from the defendant to be released. Intoxicated inmates will be held for up to 6 hours, and sometimes longer, to ensure they are sober enough to be safely released. 

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Additional resources for those charged with a crime in Fresno:

To search for an inmate by name or booking number, visit the Fresno Sheriff inmate information center.

Or call the Fresno Jail Information Office at (888) 373-7011.

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