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Charged with a crime in Torrance?

The Torrance criminal defense attorneys at the Shouse Law Group handle Torrance DUI and criminal cases throughout Los Angeles County. Whether you are seeking a top Torrance DUI lawyer or the best criminal defense lawyer in Torrance, we are on your side.

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Services our Torrance crimes lawyers provide

Our trusted Torrance criminal lawyers defend against all California criminal charges. Some of the most common we fight are:

  • Torrance assault & battery,
  • Torrance auto theft,
  • Torrance domestic violence,
  • Torrance drug crimes,
  • Torrance DUI,
  • Torrance juvenile crime,
  • Torrance parole violations,
  • Torrance robbery,
  • Torrance shoplifting, and
  • Torrance theft.

Torrance arrests and criminal proceedings

Law enforcement in the city of Torrance is handled by the Torrance Police Department. Those arrested in Torrance are usually booked at the Torrance Police Department Jail, located at 3300 Civic Center Dr, Torrance, CA 90505.

Adult criminal charges in Torrance are prosecuted at the Torrance Courthouse at 825 Maple Ave., Torrance, CA 90503. There is, however, no Torrance juvenile delinquency court. If your minor child has been ordered to appear in a juvenile criminal proceeding, it will most likely be at the George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach.

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If you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Torrance or a Torrance DMV license hearing, we are here to help.

Contact us at (310) 385-7895 or (888) 327-4652 to schedule a free attorney consultation.  We will discuss what happened and what steps we can take to protect you and your rights.


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