Injured by a Hernia Mesh in Nevada?
How to file a lawsuit

Surgery patients injured by a hernia mesh in Nevada may have a negligence cause of action against the device's manufacturer. Depending the case, the patient may be entitled to compensatory damages for:

Hernia mesh victims may bring a negligence lawsuit within two (2) years of the date of the injury. Defective hernia meshes can break and move through the body, causing permanent organ damage and chronic pain..

In this article, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys answer frequently-asked-questions about hernia mesh lawsuits in Nevada, including negligence claims, standards of proof, and statutes of limitations. Click on a topic to jump to that section:

Hernia mesh
Hernia mesh can cause serious injuries, including perforated bowels and other organ damage.

1. What can I do if I got injured by a hernia mesh in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Patients who suffered injuries from having a hernia mesh following surgery may be able to sue the mesh manufacturer (the defendant) for negligence. Plaintiffs in negligence lawsuits have to show four things in order to win:

  1. The defendant(s) owed the plaintiff a duty of care;
  2. The defendant(s) breached this duty;
  3. This breach caused the plaintiff's injury; and
  4. This injury resulted in damages.[1]

A negligence lawsuit against the hernia mesh's manufacturer would allege that:

  • The manufacturer was negligent by designing a defective device that causes unnecessary injuries, a higher than expected fail rate, and are more dangerous than sutures;
  • The manufacturer wrongfully marketed hernia mesh as a fix for small hernias, which are more safely remedied by laparoscopic operations and stitches; and/or
  • The hernia mesh moved, broke, shrank, twisted, folded, and was dislodged in the plaintiff's body, leading to internal injuries.

Consequently, plaintiffs would argue that these breaches in duty caused their injuries.[2]

1.1. Hernia mesh injuries

The most common complications of people with hernia mesh are:

  • hernia recurrence
  • infection such as sepsis
  • intestinal obstruction
  • perforated bowels
  • other organ damage
  • chronic pain
  • scar tissue (adhesions)
  • nerve damage
  • the need for reparative surgery
Mesh 202

These complication often manifest as fatigue, bladder problems, bowel problems, discomfort, fever, and fatigue.[3]

2. What money can I get if I am injured by a hernia mesh in Las Vegas, Nevada?

People injured by hernia mesh may be able to recover compensatory damages for:

  1. All medical bills, including revision surgeries,
  2. Pain and suffering,
  3. Lost wages,
  4. Loss of future earnings, and/or
  5. Punitive damages (if applicable)

If the victim passed away from hernia mesh complications, his/her family can try to bring a wrongful death suit in an effort to recover money for doctor's bills, loss of contributions, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

3. Whom can I sue for my hernia mesh injuries in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Victims may be able to sue the manufacturer of the particular hernia mesh, such as Ethicon, Atrium, and C.R. Bard.

4. How do I prove a hernia mesh claim in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Common evidence in hernia mesh cases include:

  • The plaintiff's medical records
  • Expert medical testimony that shows how the hernia mesh caused the plaintiff's injuries
  • Hernia mesh promotional materials that show false or misleading claims that caused doctors to use the hernia mesh when it was not the safest option

The standard of proof in negligence cases is "preponderance of the evidence." This means that plaintiffs have the burden to show that it is more likely than not that the defendant was negligent. Learn more about proving negligence in Nevada.

5. When can I sue for my hernia mesh injuries in Las Vegas, Nevada?

There is a two (2) year window following a hernia mesh injury to bring a negligence lawsuit.[4]

6. What is hernia mesh used for?

During hernia operations, surgeons may implant hernia meshes to help prevent a recurrence. It works by reinforcing the region where the hernia had been protruding. Hernia meshes consist of synthetic products and/or the tissue of animals.[5]

6.1. Las Vegas hospitals that perform hernia mesh surgery

Some medical facilities that perform or have performed hernia mesh procedures in Las Vegas include:

7. Has hernia mesh been recalled?

Some have. C.R. Bard recalled Kugel Mesh many times back in 2005 to 2007 due to its association with tears to the bowel. In 2015, a federal judge forbade Atrium from making and distributing its mesh following several cases of infection. And more recently in 2016, Ethicon instructed doctors to return its Physiomesh Flexible Composite due to a comparatively high failure rate. Meshes with polypropylene coating have been especially problematic.[6]

8. Hernia mesh resources

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