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Cruises are supposed to be relaxing and fun, but some passengers find themselves sustaining serious injuries.

Were you injured or sickened while on a Lake Mead cruise?

If you suffered an injury or illness while on a Lake Mead cruise, you may be legally entitled to compensation from the cruise liner.

Our caring Las Vegas personal injury lawyers can help you cut through the red tape and get the money you deserve. We understand how cruise lines use tricky legal maneuvering to avoid paying out claims to injured passengers. We'll help you get around the cruise company's roadblocks so that you can get on with your life. Best of all we won't take a dime until you get paid.

To help you learn more about cruise ship accidents, our Las Vegas Nevada personal injury attorneys discuss, below, how accident injury law in Nevada applies to cruise ships:

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Cruise ship operators may be liable for negligence causing passenger injury.

1. Can I sue in Nevada for cruise ship accidents?

It depends on the cruise. In order to be compensated, an injured cruise ship passenger should file claims for damages in the state indicated on the back of the ticket. It rarely matters where the incident occurred or the location of the injured party's residence.

Many vacationers do not realize the prevalence of injuries that occur on cruise ships. The unfamiliar surroundings and unsteady ground give rise to many accidents ranging from minor to fatal.

With offices in several states, we can help you make a claim or sue for cruise ship injuries in numerous locations. Contact us for a free consultation to find out whether we can help you recover.

You may also be entitled to compensation in Nevada if you were injured while booking a cruise with a Las Vegas travel agency. You may wish to review our articles on slip and fall injuries in Nevada or catastrophic injuries in Nevada.1

2. What is a "common carrier" in Nevada?

A common carrier is an individual or company that transfers goods or passengers on a regular basis at set rates. Common examples include airplanes, buses, and, of course, cruise ships. The best known common carrier for dinner, day and valentines cruises in Nevada is Lake Mead Cruises of Boulder City.

3. Is a "cruise ticket" a legal contract in Nevada?

Yes. The back of a cruise ship ticket holds ample material relating to the ship operator's liability and where potential lawsuits are to be filed. Passengers who purchase tickets legally consent to its terms, which often include the following:

  • Limited Liability waiver: A limited liability waiver indemnifies the cruise line from various lawsuits, and passengers assume the risk of certain injuries they may incur.
  • Forum Selection Clause: A forum selection clause indicate the U.S. state in which a lawsuit may be filed. Most courts find this clause reasonable even if it inconveniences the injured party.
  • Notice-Requirement Clause: A notice-requirement clause mandates that the injured party file a claim for damages within a certain time period stated in the contract. Depending on the type of injuries, the typical statute of limitations ranges from one to three (1 - 3) years. And for non-physical injuries, the statute of limitations can be less than a year.

Common carriers are required to practice the highest degree of care to safely transport passengers to their expected destination. Admiralty law (also known as "maritime law") holds common carriers liable for passenger injuries if it can be shown that the cruise ship operator knew or should have known about an unsafe condition. Learn more about negligence in Nevada personal injury law.3

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