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There are more than 20 courthouses in the County, and each of them handles cases differently. Fortunately, our Los Angeles County criminal defense attorneys have experience working in each of the courthouses, and we know the policies, dynamics, and workings of each locality.

Right or wrong, the simple fact is that the location where a crime occurs makes a major difference in terms of what charges get filed, how aggressively it gets prosecuted, the terms on which it gets plea bargained, and the types of sentencing that judges hand down.

A felony case that gets filed in the Los Angeles County cities of Pomona or Torrance, for example, is likely to be much harsher than the same case if it got filed in Lancaster or Pasadena. Prosecutors will give higher offers, juries are more likely to convict at trial, and judges are likely to give tougher sentences.

All that said, it is critical to understand what each case "is worth" in the courthouses where it gets filed. It is also critical to have good relationships with the prosecutors and judges and to know the best strategies for getting the client the best outcome.

Our Los Angeles County criminal defense lawyers enjoy decades of experience navigating the county court system and courthouse. We use this experience and knowledge to craft the most effective defense for each particular client.

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