How to Expunge a California DUI

If you have a California DUI on your record, you can have the conviction expunged under Penal Code 1203.4 PC as long as (1) you were placed on probation for the DUI, and (2) you successfully completed your probation.1

How does a California DUI expungement work?

 As soon as you complete probation for your DUI, you may petition the court to expunge your DUI record.

Under PC 1203.4, a person seeking a DUI expungement will file a petition with the court. The petition is then reviewed by a judge.

If the judge grants the DUI expungement, then either the person withdraws his/her plea of guilty or "no contest" and re-enters a not-guilty plea, or the judge sets aside the guilty verdict entered after trial. After that the case is dismissed.2

If the person was represented by a California DUI defense attorney for the original DUI matter, it will often make sense to have him/her handle the expungement proceedings as well--provided s/he is familiar with the California expungement process.

Will expunging my DUI conviction make it easier for me to find a job?

One major benefit of expunging a California record of DUI conviction is an easier time finding employment. Once a DUI has been expunged, a prospective employer may no longer hold the DUI against you in hiring or promotion considerations.

Expunging a DUI conviction will prevent employers from holding the conviction against you when you apply for a job.

Moreover, you no longer have to disclose the fact of an expunged DUI conviction on job applications.3

However, the DUI expungement does not affect your obligation to disclose the conviction when applying for state licenses or teaching credentials.4

And a state license board may use the DUI conviction against you in deciding whether to grant or renew your license or credential--though it will probably look more favorably on your application if the DUI has been expunged.

Will expunging my DUI help me get my driver's license?

A PC 1203.4 expungement of a DUI will NOT overturn a driver's license suspension or revocation.5

In most cases, DUI probation lasts longer than the period of mandatory driver's license suspension for a DUI. (For example, for a first-time DUI, you are likely to have your license suspended for six months and be sentenced to probation for three to five years.) 

But if your period of license suspension extends beyond your probation, or if your license is permanently revoked, a DUI expungement will not restore your driving privileges.

Expunging a DUI conviction under PC 1203.4 will not restore your driving privileges.

Does an expunged DUI increase the penalties if I get another DUI later?

DUI is a "priorable" offense in California. This means that DUI penalties increase with each DUI conviction you accumulate within a ten-year window.

And an expunged DUI is still priorable--just as if it had not been expunged.6

So, for example, if you are convicted of first-time DUI and have your conviction expunged, and then are convicted of DUI again a few years later, you will be subject to the penalties for a second-time DUI.

Can I get an early termination of probation in a DUI case so I can expunge my DUI earlier?

You are only eligible for a California DUI expungement once your probation is terminated. But for many DUI defendants, that can be a long time to wait.

Following a plea or a jury conviction to a DUI charge, a defendant is usually placed on three to five years of probation. In a misdemeanor case, this is referred to as "summary probation" -- meaning the person does not need to report to a probation officer.

A DUI defendant may petition the court to terminate his/her DUI probation early--for example, after 18 months.

But in reality most judges are very reluctant to grant an early termination of probation in a DUI case. One of the terms of DUI probation is that the person may not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in his/her system. Judges generally want to see the defendant bound by this term for as long as possible.

Therefore, most judges will require the defendant to serve the complete term of probation before granting a PC 1203.4 DUI expungement and dismissing the case.

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