Drivers License Suspensions for a California DUI

3/12/20 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 all DMV hearings will be done over the telephone. People who prefer in-person hearings may request them, but they will be delayed indefinitely.

Will I lose my drivers license because of a DUI arrest? If so, for how long?

Can a California DUI attorney prevent my drivers license from being suspended?

If my license does get suspended, when and how can I get a restricted license?

We will attempt to answer all of these questions in the section below. If you have more questions, you can always contact one of our DUI defense attorneys at (888) 327-4652.

DUIs & Your California Drivers License

One of the most dreaded consequences of a California DUI arrest or California DUI conviction is the possibility of a drivers license suspension.

Let's face it. Most of us in California need to drive to survive. We drive to work, to school, to our errands and to care for our families. Life without our cars is unimaginable. Public transportation is limited and not a viable alternative for many of us.

Most people who get a DUI do end up losing their drivers license for some period of time. It can range from 30 days to several years, depending largely on whether they have prior DUI or wet reckless convictions and whether they refused to take the DUI blood test or DUI breath test.

Some people continue to drive even during their DUI license suspension. If they get caught, they face prosecution for the crime of "driving on a suspended license." This offense carries serious penalties, including mandatory jail time. We strongly advise against it.

But a DUI arrest doesn't necessarily mean your license will be suspended. It's never automatic. You can fight it. Often successfully. And if you agree to get an ignition interlock installed in your vehicles, the DMV may permit you to still drive anywhere during the suspension period. (California Senate Bill 1046 (2018))

As DUI defense attorneys, one of our primary goals is to help clients avoid the DUI license suspension. It isn't always possible. But the knowledge, dedication and experience of our DUI defense team will give you the best chance of putting your license back where it belongs-in your wallet.

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