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Has your child been accused of delinquent or criminal behavior in Las Vegas?

Not only may your child face serious penalties such as detention in the Clark County Juvenile Hall. It could seriously threaten his or her future educational and employment opportunities.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers are very experienced with criminal and family courts. We will do everything to protect your child's rights and fight for the best resolution of the case.

Learn more about the Las Vegas juvenile justice system below and how we can help.

Trying children as adults in Las Vegas, Nevada

In serious cases a minor may be "certified" as an adult and tried in criminal court instead of Juvenile court. Read more about how we may stop this in our article on the subject: Trying children as adults in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sealing juvenile records in Las Vegas, Nevada

Most juvenile records are automatically sealed when the child turns 21, but not all. For more about this process go to our informational article Sealing juvenile records in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Clark County Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Minors suspected of delinquent activity in Clark County are detained in Juvenile Hall. Learn more about this facility on our info page Clark County Juvenile Hall Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Juvenile gun crimes in Las Vegas, Nevada

With some exceptions, it is illegal for minors to have guns. Learn more about Nevada juvenile gun laws.

Bullying crimes in Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a juvenile offense to use an electronic device to send bullying images with intent to cause further harm to the victim. Learn more about Nevada electronic bullying laws.

Teen sexting in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sending or possessing sexual images of minors can get your teen labeled a juvenile delinquent. Learn more about Nevada's teen sexting law.

Has your child been detained for delinquency in Nevada? We are here to help ...

Kids who are facing criminal or delinquency charges require a special kind of defense. Call our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673) for help. We can schedule you in for a free consultation right away.

Learn more about juvenile justice in that state at our webpage California juvenile crimes defense attorneys.

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