Types and Manufacturers of IVC Filters

There are many types of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters, but they all have the same dangerous IVC filter complications in common. The three medical manufacturers facing the greatest number of lawsuits include:

The majority of IVC filters has similar conical-shapes with legs ("struts") projecting out from the base ("head"). These implants are indicated as a treatment for blood clots. Models come in both a jugular or femoral version, depending on which location the surgeon is implanting the filter.

If you have been harmed by any type of IVC filter, you may be able to bring an IVC filter lawsuit and win substantial financial compensation. Click on a medical manufacturer below to learn more about their filters.

All types of IVC filters carry risks of fracturing, tilting, traveling, and perforating.

1. Bard IVC filters

DENALI device © Bard

At this time, Bard is manufacturing the following IVC filters:

Both are made from an alloy of titanium and nickel. The DENALI® filter can be used as either a temporary or permanent solution. The SIMON NITINOL® is meant for permanent use.

SIMON NITINOL device © Cook Medical

Past filters Bard has manufactured inlude:

  • Recovery
  • G2
  • G2 X
  • Eclipse
  • Meridian

Recently, an Arizona court ordered Bard pay $3.6 million for injuries the plaintiff sustained from a G2 IVC filter.1

Celect Device © Cook Medical

2. Cook IVC filters

At this time, Cook is manufacturing the following IVC filters:

Gunther Tulip device © Cook Medical

All three models are meant to help manage pulmonary thromboembolism when blood thinners are not used. They all are also designed for emergency treatment after a massive pulmonary embolism with a lower likelihood of success for conventional therapies.

However, only the Celect™ and Gunther Tulip® models are designed to manage recurrent pulmonary embolism where blood thinners do not work or are not recommended.

Bird's Nest
Bird's Nest device © Cook Medical

Meanwhile, the Bird's Nest® is designed to be used prophylactically in patients suffering from chronic, recurrent pulmonary embolism where blood thinners should not be used or have failed.

Cook's devices could be used permanently. However, the FDA advises that filters be retrieved and removed from the patient as soon as possible after the blood clot threat is gone or managed by other therapies. (Learn more about IVC filter removal.)2

Recently, an Indiana court ordered Cook to pay $3 million for injuries the plaintiff sustained from a Celect™ filter. Also recently, a Texas jury ordered Cook to pay $1.2 million for injuries the plaintiff sustained from a Celect™ filter.3

3. Boston Scientific's Greenfield™ IVC filter

Boston Scientific manufactures one type of IVC filter:

Greenfield device © Boston Scientific

This filter bears the name of Dr. Lazar Greenfield, the original designer.

In 2017, Boston Scientific settled a wrongful death suit in Ohio stemming from the victim's fatal retroperitoneal hemorrhage caused by her defective Greenfield™ filter. The amount that Boston Scientific paid remains unknown.4

Currently, Boston Scientific is facing a Kentucky lawsuit by a plaintiff claiming that her Greenfield™ filter is causing chronic pain.5

OPTEASE device © Cordis

4. Cordis® IVC filters

At this time, Cordis® manufactures the following IVC filters (and they have different, more cage-like shapes from the standard conical ones):

TRAPEASE device © Cordis

The OPTEASE® model is retrievable, while the TRAPEASE® model is meant to be permanent. They are both constructed from nitinol.

In 2019, twelve patients sued Cordis® for injuries allegedly stemming from their OPTEASE® or TRAPEASE® filters. The patients come from all over the United States, but the case was filed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.6

VenaTech LP device © B. Braun

5. B. Braun IVC filters

At this time, B. Braun manufactures the following IVC filters:

The LP is made from Phynox™, a non-ferromagnetic alloy. The Convertible™ is made from cobalt chromium.

VenaTech Convertible device © B. Braun

B. Braun is facing various lawsuits by people allegedly injured by their filters. One plaintiff claimed his filter dislodged 10 days following implantation and traveled to his heart. In another lawsuit, B. Braun is being sued for wrongful death; the victim died after his filter allegedly traveled and caused lethal blood clots to form.7

6. Argon IVC filter

At this time, Argon manufactures:

Elite device © Argon

In addition to offering femoral and jugular access, this filter offers antecubital or popliteal access as well. Argon acquired this device from Rex Medical.

Argon is facing various lawsuits, including one filed in Pennsylvania by a plaintiff who claims doctors cannot remove her filter because it has titled and perforated her vein. The plaintiff also claims that the device is piercing her organs and spine.8

ALN filter device © ALN

7. ALN IVC filter

At this time, ALN manufactures the:

Made of stainless steel, this device is similar to ALN's OPTIONAL filter, but with a retrieval hook.

8. Get compensation for your injuries

If you have been injured by your IVC filter, you may be eligible for substantial financial damages from the medical manufacturer. This includes compensation for:

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  • medical bills
  • pain and suffering
  • lost wages and future earnings

At Shouse Law Group, our personal injury attorneys fight for our clients in all kinds of personal injury matters, including defective medical devices. And you pay us nothing unless we win your case.

For a free consultation, contact us today at (855) 396-0370 so we can get to work before the IVC filter statute of limitations passes. Let us get to work on your behalf so you can get back to healing.

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