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Charged with a crime in Sacramento, California?

If you've been arrested in Sacramento, you've come to the right place for help. We provide expert criminal and DUI defense throughout Sacramento County.

In addition to the city of Sacramento, communities our Sacramento criminal defense office serves include Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Isleton and Rancho Cordova.

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Passionate and compassionate criminal defense

Whether you are looking for the best Sacramento DUI defense or a top Sacramento criminal lawyer for you or your child, we can help.

Services our Sacramento law office provides include:

Free consultation with a caring Sacramento lawyer

Whether you've been busted on bogus Sacramento DUI charges or are looking for a compassionate Sacramento domestic violence lawyer--or just the best Sacramento criminal defense lawyer to help keep you out of jail--we've got your back.

We offer free consultation either in person or by phone. Call us today--or use the form on this page. One of our trusted Sacramento criminal defense lawyers will get back to you promptly to discuss your cases and possible legal defenses. 

Additional information about some of the more common Sacramento crimes we handle

Sacramento DUI

DUI cases can often be dismissed or reduced to lesser charges--such as reckless driving--based purely on mistakes made by law enforcement. Our Sacramento DUI lawyers are skilled in combing the evidence for signs of faulty Breathalyzers, inaccurate BAC results and police misconduct to help dismantle the state's case against you and persuade the prosecutor to resolve the matter in your favor.

Sacramento domestic violence

Domestic violence cases are always very emotional since they involve family members and significant others. Often our Sacramento domestic violence lawyers can persuade the prosecutor that the domestic violence allegations are unfounded or resulted from innocent accidents or a reasonable use of California self-defense. If so, they are usually willing to negotiate charges down or have them dismissed.

Sacramento drug crimes lawyers

Our Sacramento drug lawyers handle all varieties of drug crimes, including possession, possession with intent to sell, and selling. In investigating these offenses, police frequently act unconstitutionally in their search and seizure procedures, and we use this evidence to try to throw out the case completely. And, if you are currently suffering from drug addiction, we can let you know how to find a good Sacramento rehab program.

Sacramento shoplifting lawyers

One of the most damning crimes to have on your criminal record is shoplifting because it causes most potential employers to automatically reject your job applications. Whether your charges are for California petty theft, grand theft or burglary, Our Sacramento theft lawyers will do all they to try to keep you out of jail and to reduce the charges so that your criminal record won't reflect a theft crime.

Sacramento assault & battery

Just as with domestic violence, a lot of assault and battery charges stem from false allegations, misunderstandings and self-defense. Our Sacramento assault and battery attorneys will carefully review the evidence in your case to find where we can poke holes in the state's arguments. We'll present your side of the story in an effort to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Sacramento juvenile criminal lawyers

While juveniles accused of crimes are sometimes tried as adults, more often their cases are heard in juvenile delinquency court. Our Sacramento juvenile criminal defense lawyers know the ins and outs of Juvie Court and how to handle these kinds of matters so that they have as little long-term consequences as possible for your child.

Sacramento "Three Strikes" lawyers

The California Three Strikes Rule permits good people to go to jail for long periods of time for the most minor of offenses. If you're potentially facing a three-strikes charge, our Sacramento three-strikes attorneys can help you avoid the ramifications of this unfair law.



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