Nevada "Slip and Fall" Laws (Explained by Las Vegas Injury Attorneys)

Can I file a lawsuit under Nevada's slip-and-fall laws?

Everyone falls down once in a while. However, sometimes slipping and falling can wound more than just your pride. Each year thousands of Americans suffer injuries after falling due to hazards like slippery, wet or dangerous floors. These injuries can lead to emergency room visits, high medical bills, and even lifelong injuries or disabilities.

At the Las Vegas Defense Group, we understand that accidents sometimes happen for a reason. And when the reason is a slippery floor or other hazard, the slip and fall is not your fault! Nevada's slip and fall laws offer you an avenue to file a lawsuit and obtain compensation for your injuries.

Our caring Las Vegas personal injury lawyers advocate for slip and fall injury victims. If you fell and were injured, call 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673) to set up a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced Nevada slip and fall attorneys.

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Premises Liability in Nevada

Nevada slip and fall laws require that property owners keep their premises reasonably safe. That means that when a hazard exists—such as a spilled drink on a tile floor in a store—the hazard should be immediately remedied or signed clearly and cordoned off. 

When people slip and fall on slippery floors in Nevada, it is often because the owners were negligent. Ways property owners can be negligent include (but are not limited to):

  • They did not promptly clean up spills or remedy a hazardous conditions,
  • They did not put a sign up where they should have,
  • They did not check for hazards regularly,
  • They ignored reports of a dangerous condition (such as loose carpet edges or a broken staircase or railing) or
  • They did not inspect and maintain equipment.

When this happens, a slip and fall is not just an accident ... it is negligence. And that means you can pursue a lawsuit for compensation under Nevada law.

Learn more about premises liability in Nevada personal injury law.

Why Hire a Nevada Slip and Fall Lawyer?

While slipping and falling is often the stuff of comedy movies, the statistics tell a much darker story. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that slip and fall accidents cause over one million emergency room visits each year and eight million falls in general. Five percent of falls result in fractures. And workers who have fallen make up an incredible 85 percent of worker's compensation claims.

In some cases the outcome of slip and fall accidents can be tragic. The NFSI estimates that 600 people die each year at work because of falls. Elderly people are more likely than others to suffer from fatal or debilitating falls.

At Las Vegas Defense Group, L.L.C., we take falls seriously. We know how to get the best results for accident victims and their families. We can help you pursue all your legal avenues for obtaining compensation, which can include:

Osteoporosis and Fractures

The people most at risk for dangerous slip and fall complications are older people with osteoporosis. This condition results in a reduced bone density that causes fractures to occur more easily. Osteoporosis primarily affects women in their post-menopausal years. Osteoporosis or low bone density may also be accelerated by various medications including some types of hormonal birth control.

Elderly women have a high risk of fracture from slip and fall accidents. Hip breaks are the most dangerous. Recovery from hip fractures is slow and painful, and many older people die from complications of these accidents.

Osteoporosis is not your fault! Under Nevada slip and fall laws, it is not a defense that the person was fragile. The only issue is whether the property owner or occupier was negligent. Our Clark County accident lawyers can help determine whether you may have legal options for compensation.

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Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

Fractures and other injuries caused by slip and fall accidents can mean not just ER visits but also long-term therapy. Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation can get expensive. A competent Nevada attorney may be able to help you establish liability and negotiate a settlement or obtain a judgment that pays for your continuing medical bills. Talking to the personal injury attorneys at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673) will put you on the path toward peace of mind.

Spinal Injuries

Injuries to the spine are often permanent and devastating. In particular, when injury damages the lower areas of the spine -- such as the coccyx or lower sacral vertebrae -- the results can include loss of sexual function or bowel and bladder control, or even paralysis. At the lower end of the scale, they can cause serious headaches and back pain.

Spinal injuries result in potential job loss and severe financial distress for many Nevadans. The attorneys at Las Vegas Defense Group, L.L.C., can help you to get the compensation you deserve after a slip and fall injury hurts your back.

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If you or someone you know was injured in a Nevada slip and fall accident, our Clark County personal injury lawyers may be able to help.

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