Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center


The Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center (GHRC) is located in Devore, CA, a rural town in the mountains of San Bernardino County. The detention center is designed to hold a maximum of 1,446 inmates, including 326 female inmates.

The Glen Helen Jail is one of four facilities under the direction of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, and is the primary facility for housing adult detainees and inmates sentenced for California misdemeanor and felony crimes in the County.

The Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center is located about 12 miles northwest of downtown San Bernardino. The address and phone number is:

18000 Institution Rd.
Devore, CA 92407
(909) 473-3689

Provided below is important information of interest to family and friends of Devore detainees. Our team of California criminal defense lawyers cover the following topics here:

exterior of glen helen jail
Glen Helen Jail: 18000 Institution Rd. Devore, CA 92407

1. How do I search for an inmate in San Bernardino County?

To determine if your loved one may be detained at the Glen Helen Detention Center, go online to the Sheriff's Inmate Locator search engine. By plugging in the first and last name and a birthdate (or approximate age), you will receive a list of potential candidates from San Bernardino County identified by height/weight and hair and eye color. Data provided includes the incarceration facility, booking number, criminal charges, court date, and bail status.

2. How do I post bail at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center?

At this time, the San Bernardino Sheriff's bail policy includes acceptance of cash, checks, money orders, property bonds, and bail bonds issued through a license bonding agency. Bail payment to obtain your loved one's temporary release can be made at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center.

3. Can I call an inmate?

By California law, an arrested individual has the right to make at least five local phone calls at time of booking, including to an attorney. Family and friends are never permitted to call in to the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center to speak directly to an inmate. In case of an emergency, you may request notification of your loved one, which may be granted subject to approval by shift supervisors.

GHRC inmates generally have access to phones in the common areas or “dayrooms” for several hours each day. Friends and family can agree to accept collect calls or fund prepaid phone time to facilitate phone communication.

Please remember: all GHRC inmate phone communication is subject to monitoring and recording. Any incriminating statements may be used against your loved one in court.

4. How do I put money on an inmate's account?

While in custody, Glen Helen jail inmates can make weekly purchases from the commissary, including snacks, toiletries, and materials for postal correspondence. Any funds intercepted at booking will be deposited and applied to these purchases, as well as used for medical copays and other jail expenses.

Friends and family members can help fund an inmate's cash account to pay toward costs and commissary, in addition to telephone time. There is a $100 weekly commissary limit and a $40 weekly limit for phone calls. Note that inmates without necessary funds may leave the jail with a negative balance on their accounts, which is collectable by the County.

To provide funds for a loved one, you can make unlimited cash deposits at the Glen Helen facility or send in a cashier's check or money order. The lobby kiosk at the jail, which is available 24/7, accepts credit or debit cards and cash, but does not remit change. Checks should be made payable to Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center and include the inmate's name and booking number. (Personal checks are not accepted.) Any excess funds will be returned at the time of the inmate's release.

You can also order gifts for Glen Helen inmates through the online San Bernardino commissary store. There is a limit of one iCare bag per week, delivered Tuesday through Friday. Choices include packs of snacks, desserts, and hygiene items.

glen helen jail visiting hours
Visitation days and hours vary according to the housing unit.

5. What are the visiting hours and policies?

All visits to Glen Helen Detention Facility must be scheduled at least one day ahead. Visitation days and hours vary according to the housing unit. Call the Visiting Appointment Line: (909) 887-0364 Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to inquire about an inmate's visitation options and make an appointment.

Inmates are allowed one visit per day, with a maximum of six visitors at a time (including children). Plan to check in 30 minutes in advance of your appointment or you risk cancellation of your visit.

At Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center, visitation rules include:

  • Valid, government-issued photo identification required for visitors 18+
  • Do not bring tobacco, drugs or weapons
  • No cell phones or recording devices allowed
  • Visitors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, with verification of status required. If a spouse, a marriage certificate must be provided. Visitors 12 and up may be permitted to visit with a parent without the presence of an adult.
  • Children must be supervised at all times (within arm's reach).

Dress Code:

  • No gang-related attire, hats or clothing displaying anything obscene or offensive
  • No sheer clothing or display of the breasts or chest, midriff, buttocks or crotch area
  • No tank tops, halter tops, strapless tops, or spaghetti straps
  • Skirts and dresses must reach mid-thigh or longer
  • No bare feet

Visits are not private and may be monitored and recorded.

6. Can inmates send and receive mail?

Inmates at the Glen Helen Detention Center can receive (and send) unlimited daily correspondence. All incoming mail must include a complete return address and should be addressed to the inmate's name (with booking number included).

The address is:
18000 Institution Rd.
Devore, CA 92407

Use plain, unadorned envelopes and paper only. This means no glitter, glue, ribbons, stickers, lipstick marks, crayon, fragrance, musical pop-ups, etc.

All general correspondence will be opened and inspected before delivery to inmates. Do not send writing materials or snacks – these can be purchased through commissary. You can mail in up to 10 photos 5 x 7 or smaller. (No gang or sex-related pictures.)

Softcover books and magazines can be ordered for shipment directly from the vendor or publisher (such as or Barnes & Noble).

7. What is life like at the Glen Helen Jail?

Opened in 1960, the nine-acre Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center has three separate inmate-housing facilities. Inmates are housed according to gender and classification. The male facility has two minimum security and a maximum security unit, and the female facility also has minimum and maximum security housing.

Upon booking into the jail, each new inmate goes through an intake process to determine classification as well as medical status. All are screened for medical conditions requiring immediate treatment and will have access to medical, mental health, and dental care, if needed. Inmates may be allowed to use their prescription glasses, dentures, or medical devices. After screening, mobility aides for disabled inmates may be ordered.

The Inmate Services Unit at GHRC coordinates incoming teachers, counselors, chaplains, and staff and volunteers, who provide a range of services. These include academic, vocational and therapeutic classes, religious services, 12-step programs and crisis counseling. Inmates receive at least three hours of outdoor recreation opportunities each week.

Starting in 2013, a pilot program was launched to train San Bernardino inmates to work as firefighters. Selected male and female inmates can participate in “fire camp” training and eventually serve on a crew.

In compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department avows a zero tolerance policy toward sexual abuse in the jail, and encourages reporting of offenses.

8. Is there a work release option?

With judicial approval, inmates in the Glen Helen Correctional Facility can participate in the work release program. After completing required classes, qualifying inmates can begin approved programs of manual labor for public facilities and also may work for a previous employer.

The San Bernardino County work release program requires participant to wear a GPS ankle transmitter for security. There is a program fee of $15 per day, but inability to pay does not disqualify a potential participant.

9. How can an inmate's property be collected?

Property that may be dropped off for GHRC inmate's includes originally packaged prescription medication, legal documents, and approved clothing.

For confiscated items being stored at the jail, inmates can sign a release authorization form to allow family or friends to pick up property. Identification is required. Call the jail for more detailed information.

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