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The Clark County Juvenile Detention Center serves as a jail for youths in Las Vegas, Nevada. But it also steers the kids to social services that could help keep them from ever coming back.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers are very experienced in representing minors. This page provides details about Clark County Juvi Hall and how we can help if your child is booked there.

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Location & contact information for Clark County Juvenile Hall in Las Vegas, NV
Visiting hours & guidelines for Clark County Juvenile Hall in Las Vegas, NV
Calling & writing children at Clark County Juvenile Hall in Las Vegas, NV
Medical care at Clark County Juvenile Hall in Las Vegas, NV
Intake at Clark County Juvenile Hall in Las Vegas, NV
Facilities at Clark County Juvenile Hall in Las Vegas, NV

Location & contact information for Clark County Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas, NV

Clark County Juvenile Detention Center is located in the same building as the Juvenile Court at 601 North Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89101.

The phone number for Clark County Juvenile Detention Center is (702) 455-5200.

Note that Clark County Juvenile Detention Center is commonly referred to by several different names including Clark County Juvenile Hall, Las Vegas Juvenile Hall, and Las Vegas Juvi Hall.

Visiting hours & guidelines for Clark County Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas, NV

The only people allowed to visit Las Vegas Juvenile Hall are the parents and legal guardians specified on the booking sheet. Children are not allowed in the building.

Clergy may visit if they make an appointment. The child's attorney is allowed to visit as well.

Visiting hours for the Las Vegas Juvenile Hall

Each housing unit in the facility has its own visiting schedule:

  • For Units E-1 and E 2 and E-6, visiting hours are Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  • For Units E-3 and E-4 and E-5, visiting hours are Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
First visit & final visit

Parents / guardians are allowed to visit the day of the child's first court hearing. Hours are between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Parents / guardians are also allowed to visit the day before the child's departure to another institution. Call (702) 455-5200 for more information.

Visiting policy, behavior & dress code

Visitors must bring a photo ID. They will not be allowed to visit if they are drunk, high or are unruly.

Visitors cannot bring gifts or toiletries for the child with some exceptions: Visitors may bring eye contact products and tennis shoes if the detention administration approves it.

Visitors may not wear tank tops, halter tops, crop tops or shorts. it is advised to dress conservatively.


Calling & writing children at Clark County Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas, NV


You may send letters to your child by mail through the U.S. Postal Service. You cannot give them to your child personally while visiting. The mailing address is:

601 North Pecos Rd.
Unit # (if known)
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Children may send no more than two letters per week from Las Vegas Juvi Hall.

Phone calls

As with most jails, Clark County Juvenile Hall does not accept incoming calls to children. But the children may call their parents / guardians / attorneys at designated times using facility phones.

Medical care at Clark County Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas, NV

If your child takes medicine, call the nursing office at (702) 455-4857. The medical staff must approve all medicine before it is administered to the child.

Intake at Clark County Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas, NV

Children suspected of delinquency in Nevada may be handcuffed and booked at the facility. The booking process is meant to scare the children into never getting into trouble again:


The booking officer records the minor's identifying information. This includes name, address, social security number, and guardian names. A warrant check is also run on the child's name.

Meanwhile the child has to empty his/her pockets' contents, which are inventoried and stored. The child also has to turn over their money, jewelry and shoes.

The child fills out a form authorizing the hall to keep his/her belongings. The items may be returned when the child is released.

Then the child is strip searched, which occurs in private with an intake processor of like gender. The child is not physically touched but is instructed to remove their underwear.

Children are not subjected to body cavity searches unless police obtain a search warrant to. And then they can be conducted only by medical personnel in a hospital.


What happens after booking depends upon the child's history and seriousness of the charge.

In more serious cases, the child will stay in detention pending their next court appearance. Or depending on the circumstances the child is sent to a different facility like Child Haven.

Otherwise the child is put in a private holding cell until his/her parent / guardian arrives. At that point the probation officer Miranda-izes the child and interviews the parents. The officer will then determine whether the child can go home or would be safer in another facility.

(If the child is accused of murder, they will automatically be sent to Clark County Detention Center. Clark County Detention Center is a jail facility for adults.)

Facilities at Clark County Juvenile Hall

Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center was built in 1965 and expanded in 1981. There are communal areas for watching TV, reading and attending public school classes.

Children detainees are provided basic shelter, clothes and food. The facility also offers programs on the following subjects:

  • self-esteem
  • conflict resolution
  • gang intervention
  • drug awareness
  • life skills training
  • arts & crafts
  • guidelines to positive behavior
  • yoga & cultural awareness
  • current events
  • health & hygiene

Currently the facility has only 192 beds. But it is very overcrowded and often keeps two-to-three children in a room. Sex offenders get a private room.

Cells provide two-inch mattresses and a steel toilet. The facility also implements house-arrest and electronic monitoring for some non-violent offenders.

Ages of detainees range from 8 (which is the youngest a child can get arrested in Nevada) to 18.

Additional Resources ...

    • Nevada Juvenile Justice Services:

      Nevada Juvenile Justice Services is a branch of Nevada's Division of Child and Family Services. It oversees youth who have been adjudicated delinquent.

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