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Did the California DMV suspend or revoke your drivers license? Or is it threatening to do so? Or is the Department holding up your ability to obtain a license in another state? Do you need to reinstate a driving license that has already been suspended?

Whatever the situation, our California DMV Hearing Lawyers can help. We offer free consultations and we can usually help get your problems solved quickly.

Battling the Department of Motor Vehicles can be a daunting and frustrating task. It helps to (1) know the complex set of California DMV  laws, (2) understand how to cut the red tape at this huge and stubborn bureaucracy,  and (3) enjoy long-standing relationships with key Department staff who have the discretion to get things done.

Starting in 2019, many DUI arrestees can continue driving without limitation if they get an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in their cars for a predetermined period of months or years. (California Senate Bill 1046 (2018)).

That's what our California DMV attorneys offer. We offer  representation as to the following matters:

DMV Hearings Due to DUI Arrests

If you get arrested for DUI, DUI of Drugs or Vehicular Manslaughter, the DMV will seek to suspend your drivers license. Out of state drivers with a California DUI may lose their license to drive in their home state. The Department calls these hearings  "Administrative Per Se" or APS.  If the driver got arrested for underage DUI or a chemical test refusal, the license suspension would last for at least one year.

But everyone is entitled to a California DMV hearing after a DUI arrest, to challenge whether a driver's license suspension should be imposed. This hearing must be requested within 10 days of the DUI arrest. Our DMV lawyers represent you at the hearing, and many times prevail and save your driving privileges.

Starting in 2019, the DMV will allow most drivers to continue driving to any location as long as they agree to keep an IID installed in their cars. Following a first-time DUI, the defendant would need to keep an IID for four months. After a subsequent DUI, the IID period would be a year. 

Hearings to Contest Negligent Operator Suspensions

A person who receives too many points on his driving record may be deemed a "negligent operator" and thereby see his drivers license suspended. The DMV imposes points for a variety of Vehicle Code violations, including accidents, traffic tickets (moving violations), and DUI and other criminal driving offenses.

If you receive a warning letter notifying you of a negligent operator suspension, contact us immediately. You must act quickly to secure a negligent operator hearing. Our  California DMV hearing lawyers can represent you and many times prevent the drivers license suspension from being imposed.

Drivers License Suspension Due to Mental or Physical Conditions

A person with a physical or mental condition that affects his/her driving skills may face a revocation of his or her California drivers license. Examples include epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, or any condition that may cause loss  of consciousness or impair alertness, reflexes and motor skills.1

Some people unfortunately do suffer from conditions that legitimately should preclude them from driving--for their safety and the safety of others. However, many drivers in this situation are capable of driving safely and should not see their driving rights suspended.

Before suspending or revoking your license, the DMV must conduct a hearing called a "reexamination"  or "lack of skill" inquiry. Our California DMV hearing lawyers have significant experience defending clients at these proceedings, and have enjoyed success at stopping driver license revocations.

Elderly Persons & California Drivers Licenses

The California DMV imposes no "cut off" or maximum age for a person to keep his/her driver's license. But the Department can and will revoke a license if it determines that a driver has lost the mental and physical faculties necessary to follow traffic laws and drive safely. And the  Department of Motor Vehicles monitors senior citizens more closely--for example by requiring all drivers over 70 to renew their licenses in person at a DMV location.

Our DMV lawyers represent senior citizens who face suspension or revocation of their drivers license due to what the Department  terms "lack of skill." Before a license can be suspended, the elderly driver is entitled to a hearing. At the DMV hearing, we can present evidence to demonstrate the senior citizen client's ability to drive a car safely.

California Drivers License Fraud

A person commits driver's license fraud when he uses false identification or someone else's identity to secure a California drivers license. This may invite criminal charges for Penal Code  470 - Forgery. If the person entered a DMV office with the intent to apply for a drivers license fraudulently, he may also be charged with Penal Code 459 - Burglary.

Aside from criminal penalties, a person who commits drivers license fraud faces a permanent loss of his California driving privileges. Before that happens, the person is entitled to a hearing where he and his attorney may seek to get his right to a drivers license restored.

If you're in this situation, our California DMV hearing attorneys can help. By representing you with regard to the criminal charges in court and the administrative proceedings at the DMV, we may be able to keep the matter off your record and get your driving privileges restored.

California Drivers License Suspensions for Failure to Appear in Court

The DMV can and will revoke a California driver's license for failure to appear in court, or failure to pay a fine imposed by the court. Moreover, either of these can provoke the court to issue a bench warrant for your arrest...and possibly impose a probation violation.

Nevertheless, California license suspensions due to missing court dates and not paying court fines or  DMV fees can usually be easily remedied. Contact us. An experienced DMV  attorney can help you clear any warrants or FTA, remove any holds on your license, and restore your driving privileges.

Drivers License Suspensions Because of No Car Insurance

The DMV will likely suspend your driver's license for up to four years if you're involved in a traffic accident and don't have car insurance. Moreover, if you suffer a DUI conviction, the DMV will require you to submit an SR22 (proof of insurance) for three years. If you lose coverage,  your insurance company will notify the DMV and this triggers a drivers license revocation. Even here, our California DMV attorneys often can help you find affordable car insurance, clear the holds on your driver's license, and get you back on the road.

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DMV Hearings for Nevada DUI Cases

It's not uncommon for California residents to get arrested in the state of Nevada, especially when visiting Las Vegas or Laughlin. Our Nevada DUI defense attorneys practice throughout that state, and have become experts regarding Nevada DMV hearings in DUI cases. In Nevada, DUI arrests generally result in drivers license suspensions. But as in California, success at the DMV hearing can sometimes prevent this consequence.

1Anyone can notify the DMV that a person's driving privileges should be examined by sending in a form called a Request for Reexamination.


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