Penal Code 591 PC - Damaging Phone, Electrical or Utility Lines

Penal Code 591 PC is the California statute that makes it a crime to maliciously disconnect, remove, injure or obstruct wires for telephone, cable or electrical service, or any equipment connected to those wires.1

A more severe crime than the related offense of Penal Code 594 PC vandalism, damaging phone or electrical lines is often charged against people who cut phone lines or damage phone equipment during episodes of domestic violence or while committing other crimes like burglary. Note that doing so to prevent a person from receiving help can trigger a violation of a related section, Penal Code 591.5 PC.

The legal definition of cutting or damaging wires

A person may be guilty of cutting phone, electrical or utility lines under 591 PC if s/he

  1. Takes down, removes, injures, disconnects, cuts or obstructs,
  2. A telegraph, telephone, cable television or electrical line, or any apparatus connected with such a line,
  3. Unlawfully and maliciously.2

You can also be charged with obstructing or cutting electrical or telephone lines if you maliciously make an unauthorized connection with an electrical line (but not with a telegraph, telephone or cable TV line).3

Example: Alexandra breaks into a house at night while the owners are sleeping, hoping to steal some jewelry and expensive silverware. The first thing she does after getting inside is cut the telephone wire so that the homeowners cannot call 911.

In addition to Penal Code 459 PC burglary charges, Alexandra may face charges for Penal Code 591 PC cutting a telephone line.

Example: Randy is in the middle of a nasty divorce from his wife. He is convinced that she is telling lies about him to their friends and relatives. To prove it, he decides to try to tap her phone secretly.

Randy has learned how to tap a phone on the internet but has never done it before. He ends up accidentally damaging the phone line so it doesn't work at all.

In addition to attempted Penal Code 631 PC wiretapping, Randy is guilty of damaging a phone line.

“Maliciously” means that you intended to injure another person or do a wrongful act.4 If you did not act maliciously, then you are not guilty of the crime of damaging phone or electrical lines.

Example: Will's cable TV service is not working.

He thinks the problem might lie with the wires that run outside of his house. He tries to fix the wires himself but ends up accidentally damaging them and cutting off cable service to his house and the houses of several neighbors.

Will is not guilty of damaging cable lines under PC 591 because he did not act maliciously.

According to West Covina criminal defense attorney Neil Shouse5:

“California courts have made it clear that PC 591 doesn't just apply to damaging or cutting wires—it also applies to any acts that damage or disable phone or electrical equipment that is connected to or served by those wires.”

Example: Michael is having a fight with his estranged wife. He hits her in the face, committing the crime of Penal Code 243e1 - domestic battery.

Michael's wife attempts to call her mother on a cordless phone. Michael knocks the phone out of her hand and removes the battery from it so she can no longer use it.

Even though Michael did not damage any wires and the cordless phone was not connected to any wires, he is still guilty of damaging telephone wires or equipment under Penal Code 591 PC.6

Penalties for damaging electrical or telephone wires

Cutting electrical, telephone or cable lines is what is known as a “wobbler” in California law.7

This means that it may be charged as either a California misdemeanor or a California felony. The prosecutor will choose which, usually basing this choice on:

  1. The exact nature of the allegations (amount of damage done, alleged motive, etc.); and
  2. The defendant's criminal history.

Damaging phone or electrical wires as a misdemeanor carries the following penalties:

When Penal Code 591 PC is charged as a felony, it carries the following penalties:

Legal defenses against Penal Code 591 PC charges

The legal defense of accident is one of the most common legal defenses to charges of damaging telephone, electrical or utility lines.

As we discussed above, you are not guilty of this offense if you did not act maliciously—that is, with an intent to cause harm or injury.10 Damaging or cutting utility lines by accident, no matter how negligent you were, cannot support a conviction under California Penal Code 591.

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