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Charged with homicide in Denver? Don't despair

At the Colorado Legal Defense Group, we know that being accused of killing another human being is one of the most stressful experiences someone can go through.

But while it may seem that the evidence against you is overwhelming, the police are not the last word. There are many defenses to Denver murder and manslaughter charges, including:

  • You didn't do it;
  • You were the victim of mistaken identity;
  • Your actions were legally excusable (for instance, because you were acting in self-defense); or
  • The cops engaged in misconduct or an illegal search.

Experienced, proactive legal defense

Our compassionate Denver and Golden defense lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of both the law and the local courts. We work with some of the best forensic investigators in Colorado to help uncover the evidence that is favorable to you. We know how to present your side of the story so that the prosecutor and, if necessary, the jury, really understand it.

We will defend your rights and your reputation aggressively, from the moment of your arrest -- all the way to trial and even appeal, if necessary. We will present the prosecutor with the holes and weaknesses in the case against you and help you weigh the merits of a plea offer. Then we will negotiate to get the charges reduced or even, sometimes, dismissed.

An overview of Colorado's laws on murder, manslaughter and homicide

Colorado has a number of criminal laws that punish the killing of another human being. The differences between the laws relate primarily to intent.

In order to help you understand the differences between Colorado's various homicide laws, our Colorado criminal defense lawyers provide, below, an overview of these crimes from most to least serious:

For more information – including defenses – about each of these crimes, we invite you to click on the links below for our pages about each individual crime. Or contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.

1. First-degree murder

First-degree murder in Colorado takes on six general forms in Colorado:

  • Deliberate and premeditated killing of another person;
  • Someone (other than the perpetrator or a co-conspirator) dies during, or during the flight from, committed or attempted arson, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, sexual assault, or serious sexual assault on a child (Colorado's felony murder rule);
  • An innocent person is convicted and executed as a result of someone's perjury; 
  • Someone acting with extreme indifference to the value of human life knowingly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person and someone (other than a co-conspirator) dies;
  • The unlawful distribution, dispensation or sale of a controlled substance to someone under 18 on school grounds causes that person's death; or
  • Someone in a position of trust with a child under 12 knowingly causes the child's death.

First-degree murder can be punished by life imprisonment or the death penalty in Colorado.

2. Second-degree murder

You commit second-degree murder in Colorado when you knowingly (but without premeditation) cause the death of another person.

Depending on the circumstances, the penalty for second-degree murder in Colorado can range from 4 to 48 years in prison. You can also be fined in an amount ranging from $3,000 to $1,000,000.

3. Manslaughter

In Colorado, you commit manslaughter when:

  • You recklessly causes the death of another person; or
  • You intentionally cause or aid another person to commit suicide.

Colorado manslaughter can be punished, depending on the circumstances, by anywhere from 2 to 16 years in prison and a fine as high as $500,000.

4. Criminally negligent homicide

You commit the Colorado crime of criminally negligent homicide when you cause the death of another person through criminal negligence.

Criminal negligence is a failure to perceive -- through a gross deviation from the standard of reasonable care -- a substantial and unjustifiable risk that death will result from your conduct.

Consequences of criminally negligent homicide in Colorado range from 1 - 8 years in prison and a possible fine of up to $100,000.

5. Vehicular homicide

In Colorado, vehicular homicide is a special form of criminally negligent homicide. You commit vehicular homicide when:

Penalties for vehicular homicide resulting from reckless driving can include:

  • 2-6 years in a Colorado prison, and/or
  • a fine of $2,000-$500,000.

Consequences of vehicular homicide resulting from DUI or DUI of drugs can include:

  • 4-12 years in a Colorado prison, and/or 
  • a fine of $3,000-$750,000.

Call our Colorado homicide lawyers for help…

The best defenses to Colorado murder, manslaughter or homicide charges are highly dependent on the facts of the specific case. Often they turn on the prosecution proving what you intended. This can be very hard to do.

When someone dies, the pressure on the police and prosecutors to find the person responsible is enormous. In their eagerness to name a culprit, however, sometimes innocent people get accused. Accidental deaths get charged as murder.

Our Colorado homicide lawyers have many years of experiencing defendants on complex charges of violent crimes. We know there are at least two sides to every story. We understand that the most important one is yours.

For a free consultation to discuss your case, we invite you to contact us. One of our  Colorado violent crimes lawyers will respond to you quickly to help you begin planning your defense.

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