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All too often people find themselves charged with sex crimes based on false           accusations from bitter, jealous, mistaken or manipulated accusers. Indeed,           recent DNA technology has proven that innocent sex crime defendants across the country have been imprisoned for decades because of false testimony, mistaken identity, and police investigations that are either sloppy or overzealous, or both.

This is where we come in. Los Angeles sex crimes lawyer Neil Shouse is a Harvard Law School Graduate and Former L.A. County District Attorney with a 96% success rate in felony jury trials to verdict. He recently appeared on Good Morning  America, CNN International, Court TV and Fox News Channel as an expert legal commentator on the Michael Jackson sexual molestation trial.

Mr. Shouse and his legal team defend clients against charges such as:

Early Intervention is Key

Some criminal defense lawyers shy away from sex crimes matters until formal charges have been           filed. Not us. We believe sexual misconduct allegations demand intervention           from the very beginning, with our own independent investigation. This aggressive,           proactive approach to sex crimes cases can give us a head start on the prosecution.           In some cases, through our early investigation we convince prosecutors not to           file the sex crime charges at all.

Drawing on Our Law Enforcement Background

The legal team at Shouse Law Group includes former district attorneys,           former police detectives, and a former crime lab director. Our law enforcement           background gives us invaluable insight into how a sex crime case is put together,           from the accuser's complaint to investigation to prosecution. This helps us           to recognize the key missing pieces, weaknesses and contradictions in the prosecution's case that will lead to a winning sex crimes defense.

Trust Experience

The consequences for a sex crime conviction can be devastating: jail or prison           time, having to register for life as a sex offender, and suffering the stigma           of being labeled a sex offender. The stakes are high. Trust your case to former           prosecutors with a proven track record of getting sex crimes charges reduced,           rejected or dismissed. Contact us for a free discussion and evaluation of your           case.


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