Nevada "Search Warrant" Laws
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A Nevada search warrant is a type of court order that allows police to search for evidence of an alleged crime. But if the judge wrongly issued the warrant or if the cops did not perform the search correctly, then the accused may ask the court to throw out any evidence found from the search.

How Nevada search warrants work

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that all searches must be based on probable cause that a crime has occurred. Furthermore, police may not conduct searches without getting a court-issued search warrant first . . . but there are exceptions:

  • Hot Pursuit in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Police usually do not need to secure a Las Vegas search warrant if a suspected criminal flees the scene of a crime and the police have to enter another's property in order to chase the suspect.
  • Exigent Circumstances in Las Vegas, Nevada:

In emergency situations, police are usually allowed to conduct warrantless searches and seizures in Nevada, even in a person's home.
  • Consent in Las Vegas, Nevada:

If someone freely and voluntarily consents to be searched, the police are not required to get a Las Vegas NV search warrant first.
  • Traffic Stops in Las Vegas, Nevada:

If police stop a car for a traffic violation, they usually do not need a Nevada search warrant to then search the car if they have probable cause to suspect it is holding contraband or criminal evidence.

In addition, Nevada search warrants must be specific and reasonable in order to be valid. If your attorney deems the search warrant in your case to be overbroad or otherwise illegal, you have grounds to file a Las Vegas motion to suppress evidence in an effort to get the evidence found from the search excluded from your case.

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For more information about Nevada search and seizure laws, see our page on Nevada search and seizure laws. For information about California search warrants, go to our page on California search warrants.



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