Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Nevada

Our Las Vegas Nevada medical malpractice lawyers take our clients' doctors to task in pursuit of the biggest financial settlement possible. If you or a loved one was injured by their physician in Nevada -- or if your loved one died from a doctor's negligence -- you may be entitled to compensation for:

Insurance companies may try to make your case go away with an insultingly small settlement. But our tireless Las Vegas personal injury lawyers make it clear that we are not going anywhere until we have fought for the highest settlement allowable.

For a free consultation to discuss your specific case with our Nevada medical malpractice attorneys, call us at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673). For a discussion on the legal processes involved in bringing a claim, refer to our article how to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Nevada.

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Doctors who injure their patients should be financially liable to them.

What does a Nevada medical malpractice attorney do?

Our Las Vegas medical malpractice attorneys have a singular endgame in mind: To fight for the maximum possible settlement. While you focus on healing, your family, and moving on with your life, our attorneys are busy with the following:

  1. Gathering evidence favorable to your claims, such as medical records and eyewitness accounts;
  2. Assembling a team of expert medical witnesses that can testify that your doctors committed professional negligence;
  3. Monitoring your medical treatment;
  4. Negotiating strategically with the doctors' insurance companies
  5. Dealing with all the legal paperwork and court filings; and
  6. Preparing for trial if negotiations do not yield an acceptable settlement

And we do all of this for no payment unless we win your case.

Can I sue for my medical malpractice injuries in Nevada without an attorney?

After being injured by doctors you trusted, it is only natural to fear that attorneys will disappoint you also. But you are strongly cautioned against bringing a malpractice case on your own.

Suing doctors for malpractice is a very specialized area of the law with specific rules and regulations. Getting just one procedure wrong could jeopardize your whole case. So it is best to rely on experienced legal counsel to handle the matter for you.

Furthermore, you are in no condition to orchestrate a lawsuit while you are recovering from your injuries. The doctor's legal team will do everything to bury you in paperwork, delay proceedings, and take advantage of your lack of legal experience. You should be relying on your legal team to manage the case for you so you can center all your attention on healing. 

Why should I hire a Nevada medical malpractice attorney?

Your doctor's insurance company has one mission: Not to pay you. At every turn they will argue that you were already injured or that your injuries had nothing to do with your doctor.

But by hiring a Nevada personal injury attorney, you are fighting fire with fire. We will hold your doctor to account and not quit until we have pursued every penny available to you under Nevada law. 

The stakes following a professional malpractice injury are huge. The settlement your doctor pays you can be the difference between never having to work again and never being able to retire. By hiring experienced professionals who have your best interest at heart, you are maximizing the odds of the largest settlement possible.

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