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Our Las Vegas Nevada Lyft accident lawyers have the singular mission of winning maximum financial compensation for our clients hurt in a ride-sharing collision. If you were injured in Nevada by a Lyft – or if your relative died in a Lyft crash – you could be entitled to a settlement covering all of the following:

Like any corporation, Lyft will pull out every stop in attempt to pay as little as possible -- or nothing at all -- following an accident. That is why our experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyers stop at nothing to fight for the largest settlement available. Our clients deserve nothing less.

For a free consultation with our Nevada Lyft collision attorneys, call us at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673). To learn how to bring a claim, refer to our article how to file a Lyft accident lawsuit in Nevada.

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What does a Nevada Lyft accident lawyer do?

In short, personal injury attorneys do everything to fight for the highest financial settlement available so their clients do not have to do anything except focus on their healing. Specifically, our Las Vegas Lyft injury legal team does the following:

  1. Find and organize all the available evidence (which may include video surveillance footage and eyewitnesses) as well as compile all the applicable medical records
  2. Execute an extensive investigation and hire expert witnesses (including experts in accident reconstruction)
  3. Manage all the paperwork and administrative tasks involved in the case while monitoring the plaintiff's medical care and keeping him/her informed.
  4. Engage in tireless negotiation with Lyft's legal team and, if necessary, take the matter to trial in pursuit of extensive Nevada compensatory damages and Nevada punitive damages
  5. Take zero dollars unless we win the case.

Do I need an attorney to sue for my Lyft accident in Nevada?

Crash victims are never required to hire an attorney, but they should be. The sad reality is that "equal justice under the law" is only an ideal, and the deck is always stacked against personal injury plaintiffs.

Hiring an experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Nevada helps up the odds of success immeasurably in the following five ways: 

  1. A large settlement from Lyft is far more likely when the plaintiff is represented by counsel.
  2. Attorneys know how to avoid case-ending procedural errors that non-attorneys are simply unaware of.
  3. Attorneys understand that lawsuits are marathons, not sprints. And they are prepared to take as long as necessary to squeeze the most money available about of Lyft.
  4. Prosecuting a lawsuit is unspeakably time-consuming, complex, and often counter-intuitive. But this painstaking process is second-nature for attorneys.
  5. For plaintiffs, having a personal injury attorney carries no risk because they charge no money unless the lawsuit is successful (any attorney who does charge money upfront should be avoided).

In summary, plaintiffs have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having a skilled Las Vegas Lyft accident attorney on their side.

Why should I retain a Nevada Lyft accident lawyer?

Filing a lawsuit requires extensive time and resources which the average person cannot supply. Your chances of winning are simply much better if you have a team of personal injury attorney with the skills and experience to take on a billion-dollar corporation like Lyft.

Prosecuting a lawsuit can also be very demoralizing for the plaintiff: Lyft may try to lay blame on the victim and can file a multitude of court motions for no reason other than to intimidate and tire out the plaintiff. Personal injury attorneys are used to these delay tactics and know how to fight fire with fire.

Furthermore, Lyft accident victims should not have to think about anything except their own well-being and that of their family. By hiring a Nevada Lyft collision attorney, victims are outsourcing all their worries and letting their legal team do what it does best: Fight for the biggest settlement available.

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Have you been harmed in a Lyft collision? Our Las Vegas Lyft accident attorneys want to help you recover all the money you are legally entitled to so you can recover from your injuries and the trauma of the incident. And you pay us nothing at all unless we prevail in your case.

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