Amador County Jail


The Amador County Jail is located in Jackson, CA, a small town located about an hour southeast of the city of Sacramento. The Amador County Detention Center holds arrestees awaiting a detention court date as well as individuals who have been sentenced for a California misdemeanor or felony crime. The facility has a capacity to house 76 inmates, including 65 males and 11 females.

The address and phone number of the Amador County Jail are:

700 Court St.
Jackson, CA 95642
(209) 223-6522

If you have a friend or loved one incarcerated in the Amador County jail, the following information is provided for your benefit. Topics covered by our team California criminal defense lawyers include:

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Amador County Jail

1. How do I search for an inmate in Amador County?

The Amador County Sheriff's Department provides an online Who's in Jail link you can use to locate a potential detainee currently housed at the correctional facility. Simply click on the “Arrests” tab for a detailed listing (with photos) of people booked into the jail in the last week.

Information provided includes the date and place of arrest, criminal charges, booking number, and the inmate's age, height, weight, and occupation.

2. How do I post bail at Amador County Jail?

To find out the bail amount for your loved one (if granted), call the jail and key in the extension for bail information. There are two ways to pay bail: At the jail, which accepts cash only seven days a week, 24 hours a day; or by going through a licensed bail bondsman. (Note: if the door is locked, use the phone to explain you are there to pay bail.)

3. How do I call an inmate?

Individuals taken into custody at the Amador County Detention Center are legally entitled to make at least three phone calls, either local or long distance collect. Friends and family members are not permitted to call in to speak to a detainee or inmate, and it is the policy of the jail that staff cannot relay messages.

Inmates residing at the jail are provided access to telephones in their cell block between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. They can make collect calls or use prepaid phone minutes to make outgoing calls. Note that these phone calls will be subject to monitoring and recording, so it is best to avoid discussing a pending criminal case. Phone calls with attorneys, clergy, and healthcare practitioners are not monitored.

4. How do I put money in an inmate's account?

Inmates can order commissary items, such as snacks and toiletries, and family and friends can contribute to their spending accounts. At the Amador County Correctional Facility, inmate cash accounts for goods, phone time and other expenses are funded in one of a few ways:

  • Lobby Kiosk – The cash machine is available at the jail Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. as well as during visiting hours.
  • Online – Use the following websites to make an online deposit: or The facility code is JAQ and the form code is #5500.
  • Telephone – Alternatively, you can call “courtmoney” at (800) 352-9870 or call “govpaynow” at (888) 277-2535 to make deposits over the phone. ( Use the facility and form codes above.)

Note the Amador County Jail will not accept cash account funds at the front counter or money sent through the mail.

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Amador County Jail Visiting Hours

5. What are the visiting hours and policies?

The Amador County Jail is located off of the CA-49 highway near the intersection of CA-88. To visit an inmate, you must first make an appointment by calling the jail at (209) 223-6521. Visits can be scheduled for a half hour per session, and inmates are permitted one visit per day, with a maximum of two people allowed in the visiting booth.

General visiting hours in Amador County are on weekends, as follows:

For male inmates:
Saturday: 8:30 am to 10:30 am and 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm; Sunday:12:30 pm to 5:30 pm

For female inmates:
Saturday: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm and Sunday: 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Visiting hours for both males and females residing in “Special Housing” are Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

General visitation appointments are for non-contact visits, meaning there will be no physical contact allowed. To receive a contact visit, an inmate must have special permission. This will not apply for those in maximum security custody or when there is a facility transfer pending.

Contact visits are allowed between inmates and their attorneys, and may be permitted for children aged 10 and younger. (This is for inmates serving a 30-day+ sentence only.) Prior to a parent-child contact visit, the inmate must attend parenting classes at Amador County Detention Center and also agree to pursue follow-up classes post-release.

Visiting rules at the Amador County Correctional Facility are as follows:

  • Individuals currently on probation, parole or special supervision may not visit.
  • Individuals incarcerated at the jail within the past 60 days cannot visit.
  • Visitors who arrive late for their appointment will not receive an extension to visitation time.
  • Visitors may only visit one inmate per day.
  • Current , government-issued photo identification is required for each visitor. Students can present school IDs (with birth certificate), and for infants 60 days and younger, a temporary hospital birth record is acceptable.
  • Minors under age 18 can visit in the company of a parent or legal guardian. Proof of guardianship must be provided and will be verified prior to the visit.
  • Visitors who are intoxicated or disruptive will lose visitation privileges.

Any violation of rules may terminate visitation rights. Visitation may be suspended at any time for security concerns.

6. Can inmates send and receive mail?

Incoming mail for inmates is distributed at the Amador County Jail Monday through Thursday. Inmates can send unlimited amounts of correspondence if they have funds in their cash account for postage and writing materials. If no funds are available, each inmate is provided with the means to send three personal letters each week (in addition to legal mail).

To send in mail, make sure you include your name and return address on the envelope. Address the envelope as follows:

Inmate name, block & cell #
Amador County Jail
700 Court Street
Jackson, CA 95642

All mail will be opened and inspected for contraband. Packages may not be sent to inmates, and envelope enclosures are limited to photographs (non-polaroid). Photos should be no larger than 5 x 7”. You can order paperback books for direct delivery from a publisher or book store.

7. What is life like at Amador County Jail?

The Amador Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau states a commitment to providing for the “basic life needs” of inmates, which includes “adequate and appropriate” food and health care and treating all with “dignity and respect.”

The Amador County Jail staff includes a nurse and a physician on call. In emergency situations, inmates are transported to Sutter Amador Hospital. Mental health care is also available upon request. If there is a need to see an outside, private physician, costs for transportation must be pre-paid and costs for treatment pre-arranged.

Medication is available if prescribed or approved by the physician at the Amador County Detention Facility. Over-the-counter medications are available.

Inmates at the Amador County Detention Center are housed according to classification, with minimum and maximum security cell blocks separated to improve safety and security. Like all U.S. correctional facilities, The Amador County Jail is obligated to follow protocols outlined by the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003.

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