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Communities our San Bernardino office serves include Big Bear, Redlands, Barstow, Victorville, Loma Linda and Fontana.

Expert San Bernardino DUI defense


San Bernardino criminal lawyer Michael Scafiddi is a former police officer with a wealth of experience investigating and fighting criminal charges. He defends his clients with both passion and compassion.

As a San Bernardino DUI lawyer, Mr. Scafiddi defends people accused of drunk driving, DUI with injury and vehicular manslaughter. He has received extensive training on problems with DUI breath testing, blood testing, field sobriety tests and roadside investigations. He has helped many clients defeat DUI charges and save their California driver's licenses.

Trusted San Bernardino criminal defense

Mr. Scafiddi also uses his extensive knowledge of police procedure to find holes in other types of criminal proceedings brought by the San Bernardino District Attorney's office. He defends people accused of California felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile crimes in San Bernardino, including:

Domestic violence

A special unit within the D.A.'s office prosecutes domestic violence cases such as spousal battery, infliction of injury on an intimate partner, child endangerment and California child abuse charges. Our San Bernardino domestic violence lawyers have enjoyed great success in getting these charges reduced or dismissed.

Drug crimes

Unfortunately many innocent people (or those with an addiction who just need treatment) go to prison on California narcotics charges. Our San Bernardino drug lawyers can help you fight possession, sales, trafficking, transportation or manufacturing. Often we can help you get the treatment or rehabilitation you need instead of punishment.

Shoplifting / theft

A conviction for theft can lead to jail time and a permanent criminal record. Whether shoplifting, petty theft, Penal Code 487 grand theft, grand theft auto, breaking and entering, or burglary, the stigma can destroy future employment opportunities. Our San Bernardino shoplifting attorneys help clients fight these charges and keep theft off their record.

Assault & battery

Assault, battery, or sexual battery can bring serious consequences...especially when someone got injured or there was assault with a deadly weapon. But oftentimes the situation was an accident--or the alleged victim was the aggressor and the accused was acting in self-defense. The San Bernardino assault & battery lawyers at the Shouse Law Group can help you present your side of the story to the court.

Juvenile crime

Is your child held in custody at the San Bernardino Central Juvenile Hall or the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center? Our San Bernardino juvenile criminal defense lawyers have a great deal of experience defending minors in juvenile court. We can help get your child home and back in school.

“Three strikes” crimes

California's Three Strikes law is based on an oppressive system that incarcerates people for life--often for nonviolent theft and drug offenses. If your loved one has a three strikes case, it's critical to mount the best defense possible. Our San Bernardino Three Strikes lawyers will negotiate with the D.A. to keep you from doing serious time. Or we will fight aggressively for a “not guilty” verdict at trial.

Most other California criminal offenses

Other crimes we handle include:

  • animal cruelty,
  • gang crimes,
  • gun crimes,
  • homicide
  • lewd conduct, and
  • sex crimes.

For more information about these or other charges, we invite you to browse the articles on this website.

Full range of criminal law services

Our top San Bernardino defense lawyers offer a full range of services including:

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Our Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense lawyers serve the city of Rancho Cucamonga along with Chino, Ontario, Alta Loma and Fontana.

Our Riverside criminal defense lawyers defend clients in Riverside, Corona, Norco, Moreno Valley, Beaumont and Banning.

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  • San Bernardino Police Department - The San Bernardino Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency investigating crimes that occur within the city of San Bernardino.
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