Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney Reve Bautista

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Oakland criminal defense attorney Reve Bautista racked up years of experience as a prosecutor before turning to criminal defense. Now, she uses the considerable skills she gained on the prosecution side to mount a vigorous defense of her clients' constitutional rights.

Bautista was born in the Philippines, where her father, a prosecutor in that country, suffered political oppression under the regime of Ferdinand Marcos. Her family immigrated to the United States in the 1960s and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Bautista still lives. Bautista's early experiences gave her a special appreciation for the U.S. Constitution and the rights it grants all citizens -- criminal defendants included.

Bautista attended San Francisco State University and majored in International Relations. She intended to pursue a career in international diplomacy until a graduate counselor, struck by her interest in constitutional rights and justice, suggested she consider law school. So Bautista went on to graduate from Western State College of Law in Orange County and become a member of the California bar.

Bautista then spent over 20 years as a prosecutor, first at the office of the Contra Costa District Attorney and then at the San Francisco DA's Office. During this time she conducted more than 100 jury trials, bench trials, preliminary hearings, and grand jury hearings.

These years of experience mean that Bautista is familiar with -- and well-known at -- every courthouse in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Sacramento area. During her time as a prosecutor, she helped launch a system of neighborhood courts in the city of San Francisco -- an innovative program that provides an alternative to traditional criminal courts for people accused of misdemeanors or infractions.

But Bautista grew disillusioned with prosecution over time. She was troubled by the lack of discretion she had to assess and evaluate cases on an individual basis. And, increasingly, her sympathy lay with defendants, whose constitutional rights frequently suffered in the criminal trial process. So she started her own practice assisting individual clients with both criminal and civil matters.

Now, as a criminal defense attorney with Shouse Law Group, she directs her energies toward helping people facing criminal charges throughout the Bay Area.

Bautista is fluent in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. In her spare time, she enjoys archery, history, and world travel.


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