California Criminal Law Explained...


Look-Up a Criminal Case (by county)

San Bernardino County - Look up a criminal court case in San Bernardino County.

Riverside County - Get criminal court case information for Riverside County.

Ventura County - Criminal court case information for Ventura County.

Note: Los Angeles and Orange Counties do not yet have a case look-up feature.

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Look-Up an Inmate in Jail (by county)

Los Angeles County Jail - Get information on inmates currently serving time in the Los Angeles County Jails.

Orange County Jail - Get information on an inmate currently serving time in the Orange County Jails.

Riverside County Jail - Get information on an inmate currently serving time in the Riverside County Jails.

Note: The San Bernardino Sheriff's Department does not currently have a feature allowing you to look up an inmate online.

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Look Up Laws, Codes & Statutes

California Law - Look up California codes, California statutes and the California State Constitution.

Look up the United States Codes (USCs)

California State Courts - Look up court opinions, rules and forms for the state courts of California.

CalLaw - This site features daily update on developments in California law.

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Bail Schedules (by county)

Los Angeles County Bail Schedule - The felony and misdemeanor bail schedule for crimes and cases in Los Angeles County.

Orange County Bail Schedule - The felony and misdemeanor bail schedule  for crimes and cases in Orange County.

San Bernardino County Bail Schedule - The felony and misdemeanor bail schedule for crimes and cases in San Bernardino.

Ventura County Bail Schedule - The felony and misdemeanor bail schedule for crimes and cases in Ventura County.

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Bail Bondsmen We Recommend

Jack Hovakimian
1215 E. Colorado St. #102A
Glendale, CA 91205
Phone: (818) 662-9111
FAX: (818) 662-9110

Jack is a former Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff who is now a licensed bondsman serving all of Southern California. He has consistently provided our clients with first-rate service.

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Treatment Centers and Counseling

Proposition 36 - Extensive information about the "Proposition 36" program  provided by the "Drug Policy Alliance."

12 Step Programs

Alcoholics Anonomous - Alcholics anonymous offers meetings and support programs for people dealing with alcohol addiction.

Cocaine Anonomous - Cocaine Anonymous provides a range of treatment programs, meetings and resources for individuals suffering with cocaine addiction.

Narcotics Anonomous - Narcotics Anonymous offers 12-step programs to assist drug addicts in overcoming their addictions and rebuilding their lives.

Greater Los Angeles Area Narcotics Anonymous (GLAANA) - GLAANA offers Narcotics Anonymous meetings throughout the Los Angeles region.

Inland Empire Narcotics Anonomous - IENA provides Narcotics Anonymous meetings, referrals to drug treatment facilities and recovery resources in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Sex Issues

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) - ATSA offers referrals, programs and resources for those suffering from sexual compulsions and sexual disorders.

Sexual Recovery Institute - The Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles  provides outpatient treatment of sexual addiction, including issues of cybersex, pornography, compulsive masturbation, lewd conduct in public, prostitution, strip clubs and adult book stores. Group treatment and individual therapy is available for compulsive sexual disorders.

Domestic Violence

Real Hope - Real Hope offers classes, workshops and counseling to help those who have inflicted domestic violence to learn better communication, relationship and anger management skills.

Anger Management

Regional Anger Management Classes and Programs - A comprehensive listing of anger management classes, anger management meetings and anger management treatment programs.

Anderson & Anderson - Anderson & Anderson offers highly regarded national anger management workshops with centers in Brentwood and Lawndale.

Street Gang Resources - Extensive, current information about Los Angeles and Southern California street gangs including the Crips gangs, the Bloods gangs,  the 18th Street Gang, the Rolling 60s Gang, the Mara Salvatrucha gang and the Asian Boyz gang.

Gambling Addictions

Gamblers Anonomous - Gambling addictions can devastate peoples' wealth, careers and familes, and lead addicts to crime to generate money to continue gambling. Gamblers anonymous offers 12-step programs and meetings to help suffers overcome gambling addictions.

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