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Charged with a crime in Ventura County?

Our top Ventura criminal defense attorneys defend against all California criminal charges at the Ventura Hall of Justice, the East County Courthouse in Simi Valley and the Ventura County Juvenile Courthouse in Oxnard.

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Expert and caring Ventura criminal defense

Ventura County criminal lawyer John Murray is a native of the county who understands the unique politics and dynamics of its criminal justice system.

Some of the most common cases he defends include:

  • Ventura assault & battery,
  • Ventura auto theft,
  • Ventura domestic violence,
  • Ventura drug crimes,
  • Ventura DUI,
  • Ventura juvenile crime,
  • Ventura robbery,
  • Ventura shoplifting, and
  • Ventura theft.

We can also help if your loved one is in custody at a Ventura County Jail. The best strategy may be to post bail to the Ventura court immediately, or to wait until the case goes before a judge. 

Once the case goes to court, we can often petition the court for a bail reduction and possibly an OR (own recognizance) release.

To discuss the matter with one of our caring Ventura defense lawyers, contact us by phone or using the form on this page.

Ventura County is "Tough on Crime"

Ventura County is a particularly difficult place for those accused of criminal offenses. The Ventura County District Attorney's Office is known to be extremely tough on criminal defendants. Local juries tend to be affluent, white, conservative and pro-prosecution. This makes for a high rate of conviction and harsh sentencing, even in some relatively minor Ventura County DUI and criminal cases.

An experienced and proactive Ventura County criminal defense attorney is your best resource for prevailing in this hostile environment and for avoiding harsh sentences.

Ventura County DUI lawyer

Each year thousands of people get arrested for DUI in Ventura County. Most of them get convicted, serve Ventura County jail time and lose their drivers licenses. But with a top-notch Ventura DUI defense attorney on your side, these consequences can sometimes be avoided.

A Ventura DUI arrest results in two separate cases: court proceedings at the Hall of Justice for the criminal charge, and a DMV hearing to decide whether a license suspension will get imposed. Ventura DUI defense attorney John Murray has been successful in both getting the criminal charges dismissed and saving clients' driving privileges at the DMV.

Free consultation; proactive defense

Whether you are looking for the best Ventura County DUI or domestic violence lawyer, or advice about Ventura drug, gun or assault laws--we're here to help protect your rights.

Contact us today for a free consultation. One of our trusted Ventura criminal attorneys will get back to you promptly to review your case and discuss your best defenses.



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