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Expert San Diego DUI and criminal defense 

Our San Diego DUI and criminal defense lawyers offer a full range of services including:

Michael scafiddi

San Diego criminal lawyer Michael Scafiddi is an expert at finding mistakes by the city of San Diego Police Department or the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. If you need a San Diego DUI attorney or a San Diego criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Scafiddi will fight to save your California driving privilege and keep you out of jail.

Types of cases we defend

The criminal defense attorneys in our San Diego office defend all types of criminal charges. In addition to DUI, some of the most common we routinely fight are:

San Diego domestic violence attorneys

Our San Diego domestic violence lawyers understand how emotional being accused of domestic violence can be. We treat charges of spousal battery, infliction of injury on an intimate partner, child endangerment and child abuse charges with the care and discretion such charges deserve.

San Diego drug crimes attorneys

Unfortunately innocent people are often charged with narcotics crimes such as possession, sales, trafficking, transportation or manufacturing. Or people who would be better off with treatment are sent to jail. Our San Diego drug lawyers fight to keep you from being labeled a “drug offender”-- and can help you obtain any treatment you might need.

San Diego shoplifting / theft attorneys

A conviction for theft can not only put you in jail—it can keep you from future gainful employment. That's why our San Diego theft attorneys fight so vigorously to defend our clients on charges of shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft (including grand theft auto), and burglary.

San Diego assault & battery attorneys

Assault, battery, and sexual battery are serious charges—especially when someone's been injured or the charges involve a weapon. We know, however, that things are not always as they seem. Whether you were acting in self-defense or you just didn't do it, our San Diego assault & battery lawyers know how to present your side of the story.

San Diego juvenile crime attorneys

Our San Diego juvenile delinquency lawyers understand how terrifying time in juvenile detention is. We'll do everything we can to get your child out of Kearny Mesa Juvenile Hall and back home where he or she belongs.

San Diego “Three strikes” attorneys

California's Three Strikes Law is an oppressive criminal statute that can send even nonviolent offenders away for far too long. If you or a loved one is facing a San Diego third strike, don't delay in hiring the best San Diego Three Strikes lawyer. We'll do everything we can to negotiate a favorable plea bargain with the D.A. or fight for a “not guilty” verdict at trial.

For more information about these or other California criminal charges, we invite you to contact us – or browse the articles on this website.

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