Nevada "Work Card / Work Permit" Laws

Certain occupations in Nevada require that you have a government-issued "work card" or "work permit." They are usually very easy to get . . . unless you have a criminal record. Working in one of these occupations without a valid work card is a misdemeanor and can land you in jail.

Keep reading to learn more about work cards / work permits in Nevada law including the application process and penalties for not having one.

What a work card is in Las Vegas, NV

Similar in size to a credit card, work permits are a license to work in a certain high-risk profession. For example, most employees of liquor or gaming establishments are required to have work cards.

Everyone who applies for a work permit is given a background check. Based on the results you may or may not be granted a work card.

Which jobs require work cards in Las Vegas, NV

Dozens of different occupations require work cards in Las Vegas. Some of these include:

  • Employees at casinos such as dealers and cage workers
  • Employees at child care facilities
  • Security guards (NRS 648.060)
  • Employees in adult businesses such as brothel prostitutes and erotic dancers
  • Employees in carnivals and traveling shows
  • Locksmiths (NRS 655.070)
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Mobile food vendors
  • Peddlers and temporary merchants
  • Property managers
  • Entertainers

How to apply for a work card in Las Vegas, NV

Each type of Nevada work permit may require a slightly different application procedure. But in general you need to do the following to be eligible:

  • Your prospective employer first has to give you a signed referral slip
  • You need to produce two (2) forms of ID. These may include a state-issued driver's license, U.S. passport, social security card, state-issued ID, military ID, naturalization certificate, baptismal certificate, alien ID card, or a DD214.
  • If you were not born in the U.S. (or U.S. territories), you have to show either a Naturalization certificate, U.S. Passport, Alien card, or U.S. birth certificate.
  • If you are twenty-five years old or younger, you have to produce a certified copy of your birth certificate.
  • If you are seventeen years old or younger, you have to bring a permit from Clark County Juvenile Services (located at 601 N. Pecos in Las Vegas).
  • If you are applying for a job selling or dispensing alcohol, you must be at least twenty-one.
  • Pay the fees (which usually come to less than $100)

The application process also includes giving an interview, taking fingerprints and being photographed. Barring unforeseen circumstances you typically will be granted a work card the same day you apply.

How much work cards cost in Las Vegas, NV

There are various fees associated with acquiring a work permit: The work card itself usually costs $44. The FBI background check is usually $40.25. Each fingerprinting card costs about $11. And if you are applying for a gaming license, the fee to process the fingerprinting card is another $44.

How long work cards are good for in Las Vegas, NV

Most Nevada work permits remain valid for five (5) years after issuance.

Work cards are required for certain occupations in Nevada.

Why applicants are denied a work card in Las Vegas, NV

The following are common reasons applicants may be denied a work permit:

  • You have considerable criminal history on your record.
  • You have an outstanding warrant in Nevada.
  • You cannot produce sufficient documents regarding your immigration status.
  • Your referral slip shows falsified information.
  • you have had work cards revoked before.
  • you are under 26 years old and cannot produce a certified copy of your birth certificate.

Note that if you presently have a work card, any of the above circumstances could also cause it to be revoked. If you have an outstanding warrant in Nevada, you should retain counsel right away to try to get rid of it before your employer finds out about it.

Where to apply for a work card in Las Vegas, NV

It depends on whether you are applying to work in the gaming industry or not:

If you are applying for a gaming work card, go to the Human Resources office at the place where you are seeking employment. They will have a registration packet with instructions on what to do next.

Otherwise, work permits are issued a:

400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd., Bldg. C
Las Vegas, NV  89106
Located off of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Alta Drive

Call ahead of time at 702-828-3271 for hours, but they are typically open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday except for federal holidays.

What the penalties are for not getting a work card in Las Vegas, NV

Doing a job without a valid work permit is typically charged as a misdemeanor in Nevada. Penalties for a misdemeanor in Nevada include:

  • up to six (6) months in jail, and/or
  • up to $1,000 in fines

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