William A. Simpson, Investigator


Las Vegas Defense Group is the only criminal defense firm in Nevada with its own in-house private investigator. Whether he is tracking down alibids, running witness background checks, hunting for obscure documents, or combing through the state's evidence for discrepancies, Investigator William Simpson provides a crucial level of service unavailable at other law firms and that may make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Investigator Simpson's decades of investigative experience primed him for his current role of helping our clients gain an edge in their criminal cases:

  • In the twelve years Investigator Simpson conducted critical and specialized investigations for numerous federal law enforcement agencies, he got a firsthand look at how federal investigations are conducted.
  • During Investigator Simpson's four-year stint as Special Investigator to the San Benito County District Attorney, he oversaw the day-to-day proceedings of the Criminal Grand Jury and had a front row view of how prosecutors try to convict defendants.
  • As an extradition agent, Investigator Simpson worked directly with ICE, DHS, NHP, and U.S. Marshall’s Office and learned how local authorities collaborate with federal agencies.
  • Most recently, Investigator Simpson conducted investigations for a private investigator firm for two years.

Now, Investigator Simpson uses all that insider knowledge to our clients' advantage by anticipating the police and prosecutors' strategies and staying one-step ahead of them.

Investigator Simpson has accumulated a host of certifications and qualifications in various areas of criminal law including advanced asset forfeiture, advanced search warrants, insurance fraud, and computer forensics. Investigator Simpson completed 900 hours in California POST training. A lifelong student, Investigator Simpson recently took courses in Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties at the Harvard University Extension School.




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