Burglary & Home Invasion involving Firearms in Nevada
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Nevada judges usually increase prison sentences when a firearm is used to carry out an offense.  But sometimes merely possessing a firearm during the offense may be enough to enhance punishment, even if it was never used.

On this page, our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers explain how possession of firearms may increase punishment in the Nevada crimes of burglary and home invasion.


Burglary in Nevada is the entering of any structure, vehicle, or boat with the intent to steal, commit assault or battery, or any other felony.  Burglary normally carries one to ten years (1 - 10) in Nevada State Prison and maybe a $10,000 fine, but if the suspect possesses a firearm during the alleged burglary, the prison sentence is raised to two to fifteen (2 - 15) years.1

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Home Invasion

Similar to how it sounds, home invasion in Nevada involves a person who forcibly enters an inhabited residence without permission by the legal occupant.  Home invasion carries one to ten (1 - 10) years in prison and maybe a $10,000 fine. But if the accused possesses a firearm at any time during the alleged crime, the prison sentence is raised to two to fifteen (2 - 15) years.2

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1NRS 205.060 (Burglary Law in Nevada).

2NRS 205.067 (Home Invasion Law in Nevada).

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