Fighting tickets for "parking too far from the curb" in Nevada
(NRS 484B.457)

Nevada law requires drivers to park within 18 inches of the curb. Drivers who park too far from a curb risk getting a ticket that carries a civil fine of $35 or more. The car may also get towed, which carries large fines as well.

It may be possible to fight parking tickets on the merits depending on the available evidence. But ignoring a ticket for not parking close enough to a curb will usually result in steep fine increases.

In this article, our Las Vegas traffic ticket attorneys will discuss:

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Nevada drivers are required to park within 18 inches of the curb.

1. How close to a curb do I have to park my car in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Nevada law requires that people park their cars within 18 inches of the curb. Parking any further from the curb may cause the car to stick out too much and impede traffic.1

2. How do I fight charges of parking too far from the curb in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Common defenses to NRS 484B.457 charges include:

  • Within 18 inches. The best defense is to show that the car was within 18 inches of the curb. If the driver does not have a ruler on hand to measure the distance, he/she can punch up a ruler app on a tablet. And then the driver can use his/her smartphone to take a photo of the ruler or tablet between the car and the curb.
  • Wrong car. Cops make mistakes. And many of the people who issue citations are volunteers, not cops. Perhaps the traffic officer saw one car that was parked too far but mistakenly ticketed your lawfully parked car. A defense attorney would try to find surveillance video of the traffic officer, or eyewitnesses who saw the traffic officer ticketing the wrong car.

3. What are the penalties for parking too far from the curb in Las Vegas, Nevada?

The penalty for not parking close enough to the curb varies by location. In the City of Las Vegas, the fine is $35. Unless there is a local ordinance that says otherwise, judges do not impose jail for parking tickets.

Depending on the location, improperly parked cars may get towed as well. The fee for retrieving a towed car can run into the hundreds of dollars.2

4. Can I get the charge dismissed?

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It depends. If the defendant can produce evidence that he/she parked correctly and within the bounds of the law, it may be possible to persuade the government to drop the parking ticket. Otherwise, it may be difficult to fight the charge.

In the City of Las Vegas, there is a formal appeals process where people with parking tickets can attempt to get the matter dismissed.3

5. How many points will go on my Nevada driver's license?

Parking too far from a curb does not carry driver's license demerit points in Nevada. Only moving violations such as speeding carry demerit points.4

6. Will my auto insurance rates go up?

Car insurance companies usually do not increase premiums for just a parking ticket. In fact, insurance companies usually never learn about their clients' parking tickets.

7. Do I have to do traffic school?

No. Traffic school is not a sentencing term for a bad parking job. The only penalty is a fine.

8. What will happen if I ignore my ticket?

People who fail to pay their Nevada parking tickets typically face fine increases.

In the City of Las Vegas where the base fine is $35, a late fee of $15 is added after 30 days of nonpayment for a total of $50. After 45 days of nonpayment, the fine increases again by $15 to a total of $65.5

And in some cases, the Nevada DMV will suspend the car's registration.

9. What will happen to my Nevada commercial driver's license?

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Nothing should happen to the person's commercial driver's licenses (CDLs). The Nevada DMV does not add points to people's CDLs or non-commercial driver's licenses just for parking too far from a curb.

10. What will happen to my out-of-state license?

Probably nothing. But non-Nevadans who pick up a parking ticket in Nevada should still consult with a lawyer in their home state to discuss the matter. Chances are, their home state DMV will not learn about the ticket.

11. When can I seal my case in Nevada?

As only civil infractions, parking tickets do not typically go on the person's criminal record. Nevada criminal records always include moving violation such as speeding, but they usually omit parking tickets. So in most NRS 484B.457 cases, there is nothing to seal.6

12. Should I fight my ticket or just pay the fine?

If the driver can provide proof that the car was parked correctly, it may be worth it to fight the ticket. But by all means, consult with an attorney to go over all the options.

13. Can I go to trial?

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Probably not a trial, but it may be possible to appeal. In the City of Las Vegas, defendants can attempt a "Level 1 appeal", which is done all in writing. If that is unsuccessful, the defendant can request a "Level 2 Appeal" with a Hearing Officer. 

14. Do I need an attorney?

You may not need to hire an attorney to handle a parking ticket, but it is still a good idea to consult with one. They may be able to present you with various options you did not know you had.

15. Other parking offenses in Nevada

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Legal References:

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          2. Local authorities may by ordinance permit parking of vehicles with the left-hand wheels adjacent to and within 18 inches of the left-hand curb of a one-way highway.

          3. Local authorities may by ordinance permit angle parking on any highway, except that angle parking must not be permitted on any highway constructed and maintained by the Department of Transportation under the authority granted by chapter 408 of NRS unless the Department has determined that the highway is of sufficient width to permit angle parking without interfering with the free movement of traffic.

          4. The Department of Transportation with respect to highways under its jurisdiction may place official traffic-control devices prohibiting or restricting the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles on any such highway where, in its opinion, such stopping, standing or parking is dangerous to those using the highway or where the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles would unduly interfere with the free movement of traffic thereon. It is unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park any vehicle in violation of the restrictions stated on those devices.

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