If You've Been Charged Prostitution or Solicitation in Las Vegas,
the Next Move You Make is Crucial.


Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is against the law in Las Vegas and most of Nevada. Trading sexual favors for money…or merely offering to trade sexual favors for money…is illegal except in licensed brothels in some rural counties. And the penalties include high fines and possibly jail.

Our Nevada Prostitution attorneys vigorously defend prostitution and solicitation charges, and we'll use every defense strategy possible to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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Three common defenses to Nevada prostitution charges are “entrapment,” “mistake,” and “lack of overtness”:

  • Entrapment - Undercover police may pose as prostitutes or customers (called “johns”) in order to catch others in the act of solicitation. However, police are not allowed to pressure people into committing solicitation if these people would not otherwise commit solicitation. Defendants who have been “entrapped” into solicitation should have their charges dropped. 
  • Mistake - Sometimes a solicitation charge is the result of an innocent misunderstanding. Perhaps the alleged customer honestly believed the prostitute liked him, and that no money would be involved. Or vice versa. Either way, criminal charges should not stand if there was never an offer or agreement to trade sex for money.
  • Lack of overtness - Solicitation of prostitution must be “overt” in order to be criminal. Therefore the defendant should not be held liable if any agreement he/she made was too unclear or ambiguous to comprise solicitation.

Knowing the Local Courts & Judges

Clark County and other Nevada courts have their own way of doing things, and we've developed relationships with judges & prosecutors over the years that you'll get to use to your advantage.

At Las Vegas Defense Group, we've won 1000s of cases in Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding cities, with a track record of success defending prostitution & solicitation charges.

"Hiring them was the best decision I made by far, these guys kept me out of jail and basically saved my life."  Tony M. - Las Vegas

If you are facing charges for prostitution or solicitation in Las Vegas, the prosecution is already building their case against you, so don't waste ANY time. And don't say anything to police or detectives about your case, as that can be used against you in the court of law.

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