When can the Nevada Social Workers Board impose discipline and suspend your license?

The State of Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers can discipline social workers for such misconduct as:

  • a felony conviction relating to social work, or a conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude,
  • a drug crime conviction or substance abuse addiction,
  • unprofessional conduct or professional incompetence,
  • unauthorized use of a social worker's license, or practicing without one, or
  • fraudulently applying for a social worker's license

There are several types of discipline that the Board has the authority to levy: They can be relatively minor penalties such as a fine and/or public reprimand; or else it can impose probation, suspend the social worker's license, or even revoke the license.

All social workers served with a complaint by the Board have the right to a hearing and to be represented by counsel at the hearing. Otherwise, accused social workers may choose to avoid having a hearing by signing a consent decree, which is where they admit to a violation(s) and agree to a predetermined punishment. 

Note that people who hold themselves out as social workers without a valid and current license face criminal prosecution for a misdemeanor in Nevada, carrying up to $1,000 in fines and/or 6 months in jail.

In this article, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys discuss:

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Crimes of moral turpitude, drug crimes, or certain felonies can cause a social worker to lose his/her license in Nevada.

1. How does the Nevada Social Work Board operate?

The purpose of the Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers is to grant social worker's licenses, investigate complaints against social workers, and decide on and impose disciplinary penalties. The Board consists of five Nevada Governor appointees, including:

  • 4 licensed social workers, and
  • 1 non-social worker to represent the general public

The Board convenes about once a month and posts its agendas and minutes online.1

2. Can I apply for a Nevada social worker's license with a criminal record?

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The Nevada Social Work Board may reject applicants for not having good moral character.

Yes, but the Social Work Board may refuse to issue a license if it determines that the applicant is not of good moral character.

Logically, traffic tickets and minor misdemeanors probably will not disqualify an applicant from getting a social worker's license. But crimes involving violence, fraud, or theft might signify a lack of good moral character in the Board's eyes.

Social work applicants with criminal pasts are advised to meet with an attorney to discuss how to increase their odds of getting a social worker's license. Perhaps it may be possible to get the Nevada criminal record sealed and/or to demonstrate to the Board that the applicant has been fully rehabilitated.2

3. What triggers disciplinary actions against Nevada social workers?

Social workers face disciplinary action by the Social Work Board if they get convicted of the following crimes:

Even if a social worker has no criminal conviction, he/she may still face disciplinary action by the Board for committing any of the following acts:

  • Unprofessional conduct;
  • Professional incompetence;
  • Allowing unauthorized use of a social worker's license;
  • Practicing social work without a license;
  • Drug or alcohol addiction;
  • Operation of a medical facility while the license is suspended or revoked; and/or
  • Use of fraud or deception in:
    • Applying for a license;
    • Undergoing the initial licensing examination; or
    • Rendering services as a social worker

It makes no difference whether these convictions or alleged acts of misconduct occurred in Nevada or another state.3

4. What happens if there is a complaint against me made to the Nevada Social Work Board?

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All Nevada disciplinary proceedings against social workers begin with a complaint.

Members of the general public may file informal complaints against a particular social worker to the Nevada Social Work Board. If the complaint identifies a potential violation, the Board will commence an investigation into the matter.

If the Board determines that the social worker may have violated the law, it will file a formal complaint against the social worker and schedule a hearing. The social worker can usually keep his/her social work license while the hearing is pending. 

4.1. Consent Decree

Anytime during the disciplinary process, social workers may elect to resolve the complaint against them by entering into a consent decree. This is a written agreement between the social worker and the Board in which the social worker admits to certain violations and agrees to a predetermined disciplinary penalty.

Consent decrees are like the administrative version of a plea bargain in criminal cases. They are a way to avoid the uncertainty of a hearing, which is similar to a trial.4

5. What happens at Nevada Social Work Board disciplinary hearings?

The format of Nevada Social Work Board disciplinary hearings resembles a trial. There are two sides: the Board and the social worker (who may be represented by an attorney). Both sides may call witnesses and present evidence. And the Board members listen, ask questions, and deliver a verdict.

If the Board finds against the defendant, it may impose any of the following forms of discipline:

  • probation,
  • a public reprimand,
  • a fine of up to $5,000,
  • limitations of the social worker's practice,
  • license suspension, or
  • license revocation

If the Board revokes the social worker's license, he/she may reapply for a license at a later date. But the Board has complete discretion to accept or reject the application and may require the person to sit for another examination.

Note that the entire time span of a disciplinary case from informal complaint to imposition of discipline can take as long as 18 months.5

6. Can I go to jail for doing social work without a license in Nevada?

female social worker
It is a misdemeanor in Nevada to practice social work without a license.

Perhaps, but a fine is more likely than jail for a first-time offense. Engaging in the practice of social work without a current and valid license is a misdemeanor in Nevada, carrying:

  • up to$1,000 in fines, and/or
  • up to 6 months in jail

Note that the same penalties apply merely for holding oneself out as a social worker without a valid license, irrespective of whether the person has any clients.6

7. Other occupational licenses

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7.4. Real Estate Brokers

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7.5. Contractors (Builders)

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7.6. Attorneys

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7.7. Accountants

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7.8 Teachers

Nevada educators who face losing license are entitled to a disciplinary hearing. Go to our article about disciplinary actions against teachers in Nevada.

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