"Sexual Conduct between Teachers and Students" in Nevada law
(NRS 201.540 & NRS 201.550)
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Nevada law prohibits sexual contact between students and their schoolteachers.  A conviction of this Nevada sex crime not only carries prison but also disgraces the teacher's career.  However a skilled Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer may be able to negotiate or litigate a favorable resolution that keeps the teacher out of custody and saves his/her credentials and career.

This article outlines the Nevada offense of sexual conduct between students and teachers.  Scroll down to learn about the law, punishments, and common defenses in Las Vegas.


The legal definition of "sexual conduct between teachers and pupils" in Las Vegas, Nevada, forbids the following behaviors between school employees and students:

  • ordinary sexual intercourse
  • anal intercourse
  • any oral-genital contact including fellatio or cunnilingus
  • physical contact with the teacher's or student's unclothed genitals or pubic area for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of either person
  • penetration, however slight, of an object into a genital or anal opening of the body of the teacher or student for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of either person
  • masturbation or the lewd exhibition of unclothed genitals, or
  • sado-masochistic abuse

Note that this law applies to both classroom teachers as well as school administrators, coaches, and teacher's aids.  This law also applies to both secondary schools and colleges.  And it doesn't matter whether the school is private or publicly run by the Nevada Department of Education or the Nevada System of Higher Education.

Furthermore, a school employee or volunteer may be convicted of this crime even if he/she is no longer employed at the school when he has sexual relations with the pupil.

Nor does it matter whether the pupil attends the specific school where the defendant worked ... if the defendant had contact with the pupil through the course of his/her school duties, then he/she may be liable under NRS 201.540.

The only times a Nevada school employee may legally have sexual relations with a student at that school under NRS 201.540 & NRS 201.550 is when the employee and student are lawfully married.

Also note that this law does not apply to teachers or school employees under twenty-one (21).  However, Nevada schools generally don't employ people in this age range.


There are several different defenses available to fight an allegation of having sexual contact with a student in Las Vegas.  The following include common strategies a defense attorney might use depending on the circumstances of the case:

  • False accusations:  Perhaps the student falsely accused the teacher of sexual relations out of anger, jealously or revenge.  If the defense attorney can make a convincing argument that the student fabricated the charge, then the case may be dismissed.
  • Lack of evidence:  In every criminal case prosecutors have the burden to prove that a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order for the defendant to be convicted.  If a defense attorney can demonstrate to the judge that the D.A.'s evidence doesn't meet that standard because it's inadequate or erroneous, the defendant shouldn't be liable.
  • Police misconduct:  Police are allowed to conduct searches only if they reasonably believe there's probable cause that a crime has occurred.  If the police may have lacked probable cause, then a defense attorney can file a Nevada motion to suppress asking the judge to disregard all the evidence the police discovered from their illegal search.  If the judge agrees and grants the Nevada motion to suppress, the whole matter may be dropped due to lack of evidence.

The punishment for a conviction of sexual conduct between a pupil and teacher in Las Vegas turns on two factors:

  1. whether the setting is secondary school or college, and
  2. the age of the student.

High schools and other secondary schools in Las Vegas, NV  (NRS 201.540)

Sexual conduct between a secondary school employee and a student sixteen (16) or older is a category C felony in Nevada.  The sentence includes:

But if the student is fifteen (15) or fourteen (14) years old, it's a category B felony in Nevada.  The sentence for a category B felony in Nevada is:

  • 1 - 6 years in Nevada State Prison, and
  • maybe up to $5,000 in fines

Colleges and universities in Las Vegas, NV  (NRS 201.550)

Sexual conduct between a college employee and a student there who's sixteen (16) or older is a category C felony in Nevada.  The sentence carries:

  • 1 - 5 years in Nevada State Prison, and
  • maybe up to $10,000 in fines

Related crimes

Depending on the facts of the case, the D.A. may instead choose to bring charges for the Nevada crime of sexual assault, the Nevada crime of lewd conduct with a child under 14, or the Nevada crime of statutory rape:

  • Nevada crime of sexual assault (NRS 200.366).  If the student is thirteen (13) or younger the sentence is life in prison.  If the child didn't sustain injuries, then the teacher may be eligible for parole after thirty-five years.
  • Nevada crime of lewd conduct with a child under 14 (NRS 201.230).  This crime also carries life in prison.  If the teacher had a prior conviction for a similar offense, he/she may not have the possibility of parole.
  • Nevada crime of statutory rape (NRS 200.368).  Even if the student-teacher sex was consensual, the teacher under this law faces one to five years in prison and maybe up to $5,000 in fines.

Civil and Administrative penalties

Teachers accused of taking advantage of their students may also face civil lawsuits for hefty money damages.  The schools themselves may impose administrative penalties such as job termination or suspension.

Arrested?  There's help . . . .

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