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Our Las Vegas pedestrian knockdown attorneys are eager to fight for the biggest available settlement in your case. We are ready to go head-to-head with not only the driver who hit you but perhaps also the driver's employer, the vehicle's manufacturer, and even the local government if they played any part in causing your injuries.

If you were a pedestrian who was hit by a car, motorcycle or bike -- or if your loved one died from such a collision -- our Nevada pedestrian-vehicle accident lawyers will try every legal tactic to get you money for your:

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How can a Nevada pedestrian knockdown lawyer help?

If you are injured, then you already have enough on your plate without having to worry about bringing a lawsuit. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys manage every part of your legal case so you do not have to. Five of the tasks we take care of include:

  1. crafting an effective defense should the case proceed to trial (which is rare);
  2. searching every possible place for evidence favorable for your case, such as locating surveillance video and witnesses who saw the crash;
  3. helping you find doctors to treat your injuries;
  4. hiring expert medical and accident reconstruction witnesses who can attest to the defendants' liability and your faultlessness;
  5. negotiating with the defendants' insurance companies for the maximum available settlement

Furthermore, we do not charge for our services unless and until we win the case for you. That way, you never have to stress about paying our lawyers' fees because you are covered.

Can I sue for my pedestrian-car crash accident in Nevada without an attorney?

Accident victims are always urged to protect themselves with an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney to fight for their rights. Plaintiffs who go up against insurance defense firms alone take several risks, including:

  • settling for far less than what they are entitled to;
  • having the case dismissed by a judge due to procedural errors the plaintiff made;
  • being blamed for the accident by the defendants, and failing to advance strong legal arguments to counter the blame; and
  • jeopardizing their mental health from all the work, time, and aggravation required to settle a claim

In addition, insurance defense firms do not treat unrepresented plaintiffs with kid gloves; indeed, they will take full advantage of their ignorance of the law in attempt to get the entire case dismissed without paying out a cent. A skilled Nevada pedestrian accident lawyer would never allow the insurance defense attorneys to gain the upper hand.

Why should I hire a pedestrian accident attorney?

Three reasons:

  1. Once you hire an attorney, you do not have to lift a finger or do anything for the case (other than talking with your attorney and possibly testifying at a deposition or trial);
  2. Having an attorney greatly increases the odds of the insurance defense firms agreeing to a favorable settlement; and
  3. It is risk-free since you pay nothing unless you receive a settlement or win damages at trial.

If you have been injured by a car or motorbike while walking in Nevada, you should not have to waste time with legal matters. Concentrate on getting better, and we will concentrate on getting you paid.

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