Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Las Vegas Nevada motorcycle accident lawyers fight for the largest possible financial settlement for our clients. If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle crash in Nevada – or if your loved one has died in a motorcycle crash – you may be entitled compensation for:

In most cases, insurance companies will attempt to settle your lawsuit for far less than you deserve. But our caring Las Vegas personal injury lawyers know Nevada's motorcycle accident laws and how to use them for our clients' monetary benefit.

For a free consultation to discuss your specific case with our Nevada motorcycle crash attorneys, call us at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673). For a discussion on the legal processes involved in bringing a claim, refer to our article how to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Nevada.

What does a Nevada motorcycle collision attorney do?

Our Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys do everything legally possible to pursue the maximum settlement during this time of crisis for the victims. Just ten of the many services our lawyers provide include:

  1. Gathering relevant evidence, including eyewitnesses, surveillance video, weather reports, etc.
  2. Obtaining all relevant medical records
  3. Investigating the accident, including going to the scene of the accident to get a full understanding of what happened
  4. Finding, vetting, and hiring the best expert witnesses, including an accident reconstruction expert
  5. Monitoring the plaintiff's medical treatment
  6. Negotiating aggressively with insurance companies
  7. Handling the mountain of paperwork and constant phone calls to opposing counsel required for the case
  8. Aiming to get the biggest possible settlement without a trial
  9. If the insurance company insists on lowballing, taking the case to trial and mounting the most aggressive prosecution possible
  10. Keeping the plaintiff informed, encouraged, and empowered throughout the entire process

Furthermore, we do not take a dime unless we win the case.

Can I sue for my motorcycle accident in Nevada without an attorney?

Pursuing legal claims without a Nevada motorcycle collision attorney is never recommended because it puts the plaintiff in a position of ignorance and weakness ... and the defendant knows it. An unrepresented plaintiff is vulnerable to seasoned insurance defense attorneys who have one mission: To pay nothing (or as little as possible).

Insurance defense attorneys try to escape liability drowning plaintiffs in needless discovery (production of evidence) and frivolous court motions that non-lawyers simply have no training to go up against. Plaintiffs who proceed without an attorney risk losing their case -- and potentially very big money -- by making minor procedural mistakes that only attorneys know to avoid.

But once a plaintiff lawyers up, the plaintiff becomes a force to be reckoned with. And it is a simple fact that insurance defense attorneys are more willing to play ball and pay out settlements when the plaintiff is represented by counsel.

Frequently, the driver of a car who causes a motorcycle crash may be impaired, distracted, or otherwise negligent. And in a collision between a car and motorcycle, the car almost always wins. This leaves a devastating impact upon the bikers' lives, often leading to physical disability and suffering that prevents the victims from performing their required job functions.

These victims are in no position to battle alone against steely law firms with their limitless resources. A trained Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer attorney is the best person to determine which legal claims are viable, and to fight for them to the fullest extent of the law.

Why should I hire a Nevada motorcycle accident attorney?

Insurance companies will frequently attempt to avoid paying victims of an accident -- or to lower the amount paid to victims -- by arguing that the motorcyclist was partially to blame for the accident or was at fault in causing the accident.

It is hard enough to argue against these well-oiled machines when you are well. When you have been injured, it can add stress to your situation and delay your healing time.

An experienced Nevada motorcycle accident attorney can help you cut through the red tape and pursue a lawsuit to get you the compensation you need and deserve. As discussed above, simply knowing that a lawyer is involved is enough to get the insurance company to loosen the purse strings.

In short, Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys fight for their clients so that their clients can focus on getting back to their lives and recovering from the trauma of the crash.

The stakes following a road accident are so high, and the size of a settlement can be the difference between early retirement and medical bill-induced poverty. Trust professionals who know from their training and experience how best to investigate, negotiate, and litigate a matter to the best possible end.

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Also see our article on Nevada motorcycle safety laws.

If your case is in California, please see our article on how to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit in California.




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