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Our Las Vegas Nevada car accident lawyers are committed to fighting for the maximum payout for our clients who have been hurt in a crash. If you were injured in an automobile collision in Nevada -- or if your family member was killed in one -- you could be entitled to the following compensation:

Insurance companies have only their bottom line in mind and will try to get away with paying the minimum, if anything. But our skilled Las Vegas personal injury lawyers know how to use the law and strategic negotiation techniques in attempt to achieve the biggest settlement available in your case. 

For a free meeting to discuss your matter with our Nevada automobile collision attorneys, call us at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673). For a discussion of the legal procedures required to bring a claim, refer to our article on how to file a car accident lawsuit in Nevada.

Car accident victims tend to get bigger settlements when they lawyer up.

What does a Nevada car accident attorney do?

Our Las Vegas vehicle crash attorneys go up against the car insurance defense firms in an effort to achieve the largest financial settlement allowable under Nevada law. But that is only one of our services. We also manage every aspect of our clients' cases, including:

  1. Searching for all available evidence, including videos of the accident and eyewitnesses;
  2. Obtaining medical records that document our clients' injuries;
  3. Investigating the collision, which includes returning to the scene with an accident reconstruction expert;
  4. Hiring expert medical witnesses who can testify that the crash caused our clients' injuries;
  5. Managing our clients' medical care, including finding doctors willing to work on a Nevada medical lien basis;
  6. Handling all the paperwork, phone calls, emails, and court filings required for the case;
  7. Staying in frequent contact with our clients so they remain informed and empowered throughout the entire process;
  8. Preparing for trial (even though we are usually able to settle out of court); and
  9. Doing all of the above for no money unless we win the case

In summary, our Las Vegas car accident attorneys take care of the entire legal case so our clients can spend their time and energy taking care of themselves.

Can I sue for my car accident in Nevada without an attorney?

If your goal is to receive the biggest settlement possible, then you are advised to hire a skilled personal injury team to go after it. Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are familiar with all the different insurance defense firms in Nevada and the best way to coax the best payouts out of each of them. 

If you try to bring a lawsuit by yourself, the insurance defense law firms will react by:

  • Seizing on every rookie mistake you make and attempting to get your lawsuit dismissed based on procedural errors alone;
  • Intimidating you into thinking you were to blame and/or lowballing you with a minimal settlement that does not come close to covering your expenses; and
  • Throwing down legal hurdle after legal hurdle until you are buried in paper and too demoralized to continue

Insurance defense firms get paid by the hour, so it is in their best interest to draw out the case as long as possible. But once they see you are represented by a skilled personal injury attorney with a sterling reputation, they are much more likely to take your case seriously and offer a large settlement quickly.

Why should I hire a Nevada car accident attorney?

There are three main reasons that you should entrust your case to an experienced Las Vegas accident attorney:

  1. You will probably get much more money when all is said and done;
  2. You do not have the time, expertise, or resources to bring a case on your own; and
  3. It is risk-free, since any reputable personal injury attorney refuses to take a cent unless you win the case

In short, having an attorney gives you much-needed peace of mind. While you are trying to cope with your injuries and getting on with your life, you can be assured that your legal team is working around the clock in pursuit of all the financial damages available.

When you have been injured in a car crash, you are in a vulnerable position mentally and physically. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you are leveling the playing field and letting the people who hurt you know that you demand justice. And the only acceptable form of justice is the largest settlement possible. 

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