Bus Stop Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada

People injured while waiting at a bus stop may be entitled to compensatory damages in Nevada. Damages for bus stop accidents can include payment of medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and damages under Nevada's wrongful death law.

In most cases, people injured at Nevada bus stops will seek compensation from the driver of the vehicle that struck them. But in some cases, bus riders may also have claims against the bus line or a government entity – such as the city of Las Vegas, the Clark County School District, or the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

Our caring Las Vegas Nevada personal injury lawyers offer free consultations to help you determine who is responsible for your bus accident and what compensation a lawsuit may help you recover.

Nevada bus stops can be deadly

The city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada do their best to keep people waiting at bus stops safe. But they aren't always successful.

In 2012, four people were killed at a bus stop when they were hit by a drunk driver in front of a Carl's Jr. on Spring Mountain Road near Decatur Boulevard.

And in 2016, a man was killed at a bus stop on West Lake Mead Boulevard near North Rancho Drive when a car accidentally struck the center divider.

Why call a lawyer?

In some cases, even when a private driver causes a bus stop crash, there may be more than one party legally responsible.

Perhaps the bus stop was built too close to the street, or the city didn't put up adequate warning signs. If a car that hit you was being driven on company time, the driver's employer may be responsible.

An experienced lawyer in Clark County can help you recover from all the individuals, companies and entities that caused or contributed to your injuries.

We can also help you navigate the maze of insurers, employers and government bureaucrats whose job it is to make you go away.

Also see our article about pedestrian knockdown laws in Nevada.

Injured in a bus stop accident in Nevada? Call us for help…

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