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Our Las Vegas tractor-trailer accident attorneys have a singular goal: To recover the most financial damages possible from the big rig trucking companies that caused our clients' injuries. If you have been harmed in a tractor-trailer collision -- or if your loved one died -- our Nevada big rig collision lawyers are determined to fight for as much money as possible for your:

In some cases, you also may be entitled to recover high Nevada punitive damages if the tractor-trailer company acted in a particularly reckless way: An example could be if the company failed to service the vehicle.

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How can a Nevada big rig accident lawyer help?

Like all commercial drivers, big rig drivers are required to follow various laws that other drivers may be unaware of. But our Las Vegas big rig crash lawyers are well-versed in these regulations and know how to investigate all the various ways the tractor-trailer companies may have dropped the ball.

In addition, our Nevada personal injury lawyers battle through the convoluted corporate structures that tractor-trailer companies routinely employ in attempt to hide from liability. And we do not stop until they answer to every state and federal law they may have violated.

Certainly tractor-trailer crashes do not occur as frequently as regular car crashes. But when they do they cause very serious damage -- sometimes death. And the big rig company's insurance defense legal team will try to get rid of the case with the minimum possible settlement. We fight to make sure it is the maximum.

Can I sue for my tractor-trailer accident in Nevada without an attorney?

Not if your goal is to get all the money possible without depleting your mental health. Once the insurance defense attorneys see that you are unrepresented by counsel, they will take advantage of your inexperience and fragile state by trying to blame-shift onto you or offer you far less than what you are entitled to under law.

In any case, prosecuting a lawsuit without an experienced attorney is an inordinately difficult task -- especially if the plaintiff (victim) is suffering from the fallout of a tractor-trailer collision. In the same way a seriously injured person would always go to the doctor, a seriously injured person should also always consult with an attorney. The chances of a better outcome are simply much higher.

Why should I hire a Las Vegas tractor-trailer accident attorney?

Trying to get a semi-truck company to turn over money or admit liability can be extremely difficult, painstaking, and time-consuming. But our Nevada big rig lawyers refuse to take no for an answer until we achieve a favorable resolution for our clients. While our clients center their energies on taking care of themselves and their families, we are busy:

  • conducting thorough investigations to unearth evidence that reveals the defendants' liability;
  • finding and vetting the finest medical expert witnesses and accident reconstruction expert witnesses in the industry; and
  • wearing down the defendants' counsel with aggressive negotiation tactics all the while preparing for trial if necessary

In some cases, just retaining a personal injury lawyer may cause the big rig company to make a settlement offer. But if they fail to pay up enough, we are prepared to litigate the matter in pursuit of the highest financial rewards allowed by Nevada law.

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