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Our Las Vegas Nevada Uber accident lawyers are devoted to fighting for the maximum settlement for our clients who have been injured in a ride-sharing crash. If you were harmed by an Uber in Nevada – or if your family member was killed by an Uber – you could be eligible for the following compensation:

As a business, Uber will always try to pay out the minimum amount following an accident. But our skilled Las Vegas personal injury lawyers use the law and aggressive negotiation in pursuit for the largest settlement possible to help our clients recover and get on with their lives.

For a free consultation to discuss your case with our Nevada Uber collision attorneys, call us at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673). For a discussion on the legal processes involved in bringing a claim, refer to our article how to file an Uber accident lawsuit in Nevada.

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What does a Nevada Uber accident attorney do?

Uber's insurance policy covers accident victims for up to one million dollars. Our Las Vegas Uber crash attorneys fight for as much of this money as possible and more. Ten of the primary tasks we take care of include:

  1. Evidence gathering (including surveillance video and eyewitness accounts)
  2. Procurement of medical records, which can include hundreds of pages
  3. Thorough investigation (including visiting the scene of the accident)
  4. Securing the finest expert witnesses (including an accident reconstruction expert)
  5. Conferring with our clients' doctors to ensure they are getting all the medical treatment they need
  6. Strategic negotiation with Uber's attorneys
  7. Managing all the phone calls, emails, letters, and court filings in the case
  8. If necessary, going to trial to fight for most Nevada compensatory damages and punitive damages in Nevada available
  9. Staying in constant contact with our clients
  10. Working for no money unless we win the case

In short, our Las Vegas Uber accident lawyers manage every legal aspect of suing for a large settlement so our clients (the "plaintiffs") can concentrate on healing.

Can I sue for my Uber accident in Nevada without an attorney?

It is highly recommended that anyone injured in an Uber crash hire experienced legal counsel to represent them. There are five main reasons why it is important to have your own lawyer:

  1. Uber is more likely to negotiate fairly and pay out a larger settlement if the plaintiff has an attorney.
  2. Plaintiffs without an attorney are more prone to make procedural mistakes that could jeopardize the whole lawsuit.
  3. Plaintiffs without an attorney are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by Uber's legal team, who have only the company's interests at heart.
  4. Bringing a lawsuit is extremely complicated and emotionally taxing. Lawyers are trained to handle all of this effectively and efficiently.
  5. Hiring a personal injury attorney is risk-free since there is no fee unless you win. (If your attorney charges anything upfront, go elsewhere.)

Even if you already commenced a lawsuit on your own, it is not too late to bring a Las Vegas Uber accident attorney on board. Once you lawyer up, odds are much higher that the case will end more quickly and in your favor.

Why should I hire a Nevada Uber accident attorney?

When faced with a lawsuit, Uber may try to shift blame onto you or another party in attempt to escape liability. But an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney will be undeterred and take Uber to task to show responsibility for their failings.

Going up against a multi-billion-dollar entity with bottomless resources is difficult enough when you are well. If you are reeling from the trauma of an accident, it is simply unfair for you to have to wage this fight alone. An attorney can help level the playing field so that you become a David to Uber's Goliath.

Most of all, having an attorney gives victims peace of mind: You can devote yourselves to tending to your injuries and trying to get back to normal while knowing that your own private advocates are fighting for you. And Uber is far more likely to offer a big check if there is an attorney in your corner.  

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