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Our Las Vegas Nevada social security disability lawyers fight to get you the maximum government benefits available under the law. If you are disabled, the taxpayers may owe you a monthly income large enough to cover your living expenses and more.

As with any government bureaucracy, the Social Security Administration plays "hard to get" and will try to deny your claims. But our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers know how the system works and how to increase the odds of you receiving the largest possible benefits check quickly. 

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Our Las Vegas social security disability attorneys may be able to secure you enough monthly income to cover all your basic living expenses.

What does a Nevada social security disability attorney do?

Our Las Vegas SSI / SSDI attorneys make it our mission to get you the biggest income check allowable by the U.S government. To achieve this, we provide the following services:

  1. Gathering all the paperwork and information relevant to your claim;
  2. Compiling all your medical records that document your disability;
  3. Determining whether you should apply for SSDI benefits (for applicants with sufficient work credits) or SSI benefits (which is need-based);
  4. Composing the most convincing SSI or SSDI application possible and submitting it to the Social Security Administration (SSA);
  5. Communicating with the SSA through the mail, email, phone calls, and in-person meetings about your claim;
  6. Arguing for a higher benefits check if the SSA tries to lowball you;
  7. Handling any appeals (if necessary); and
  8. Keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process so you always know the state of your claim and our strategies for success

In short, we handle everything involved in applying for SSDI and SSI benefits. And we take every tactical step to pursue the largest benefits check possible for you.

Can I apply for social security disability benefits in Nevada without an attorney?

Yes, but the chances of your claim being denied become higher. The application process is confusing and tricky, and one small oversight could jeopardize your entire case or even make you vulnerable to criminal fraud charges.

Experienced SSI / SSDI attorneys know all the methods and strategies to increase the odds of your claim being accepted and for the maximum amount of money. Attorneys know what information to include -- and what to leave out -- to persuade the government to pay you what you are owed.

Furthermore, the application process is an enormous headache requiring the amassing of medical records, work records, and income records. If you are disabled, the last thing you should be doing is adding more stress to your plate. Leave the busy work to the professionals who know how to up the chances of you winning your SS claim the first time.

Why should I hire a Nevada social security disability attorney?

Because it is risk-free to you. We charge no fee unless we win your case. Therefore, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting us file your SSDI or SSI claim for you.

The U.S. government is deeply in debt and will try to cut corners at every turn, even if that means denying claims to disabled people who have been dutifully paying their taxes their whole lives. We will do everything to stop that from happening. After paying into the system, you are owed your benefits -- and we make it clear to the SSA that we will fight for what is yours.

Whether or not you receive SSDI or SSI benefits can change your life. For many, it is the difference between owning a home and homelessness. We know how high the stakes are and remain devoted to pursuing and winning the most money possible -- benefits that you deserve and have earned.

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Injured in Clark County or elsewhere in Nevada? You could be entitled to disability benefits...

If you are too injured to work in Nevada, our Las Vegas SSDI / SSI attorneys may be able to get you monthly benefits to help with your cost of living. We take no money unless we win your claim, and our initial consultation is always free.

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