Las Vegas Nevada Personal Injury Lawyers


If you were injured in an accident, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys fight to get you the largest settlement possible to cover your:

Do not try to deal with the insurance companies on your own. These faceless corporations will take advantage of your inexperience and vulnerability to cheat you out of the money that is rightfully yours.

Our Nevada accident lawyers are here put the insurance companies on the defensive and extract every penny from them allowable under the law. For a FREE consultation with our legal team right now, call us at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673).

The role of a Las Vegas personal injury attorney

Recovering from an accident is harrowing enough, and the last thing victims need to is to worry about legalities or finding doctors. Once our clients retain our Nevada accident lawyers, they can rest assured that we will handle every aspect of their case going forward:

No retainers or billable hours

It is important for our clients to know that our personal injury lawyers go "all in" with them -- we refuse to get paid unless we win their case.

By working on a "contingency fee" basis, we also front all the costs -- court filings, experts, medical records, etc. And our repayment comes out of any settlement we negotiate or trial award we win for you.

Medical management

Once a client retains us, the first thing we do is to make sure they are getting proper medical treatment for their injuries. If they cannot afford medical care at this time, we can pair them with doctors happy to work on a medical lien basis:

This means the doctors would take their payment from whatever settlement or jury award we win when the case ends. (Otherwise, we can usually negotiate a very reduced and affordable rate.)

Rigorous investigation

While our clients focus on recuperating, we get busy gathering evidence against all the parties responsible for their injuries. Some of the best proof comes in the form of:

  • surveillance video footage
  • smartphone video and photographs
  • eyewitnesses
  • medical records showing the full extent of the illness and/or injury
  • testimony from expert witnesses (such as medical doctors and accident reconstruction specialists)
  • recorded communications from the at-fault parties (emails, text messages, and voicemails)

Las Vegas Defense Group even has a full-time in-house investigator to help our lawyers unearth every last shred of available evidence as quickly as possible.

Aggressive negotiation

Once our case is airtight, we issue a "demand letter" to all the people and/or companies at fault for harming our client. Then begins a period of settlement talks where we show the other side that we would likely win at trial so they might as well pay up now.

We know from experience that insurance defense firms are far more likely to offer a great settlement if the victims are represented by counsel. We do not let these insurance adjusters forget the harm that has been done to our clients, and that we will not quit until justice is served.

Five-star litigation

In the rare event that a pre-litigation settlement cannot be reached, Las Vegas Defense Group is ready to file a lawsuit and prepare for trial. All the while, we would continue trying to resolve the case out of court -- it is not uncommon for defendants to get scared as trial approaches and to agree to a settlement last-minute.

Should the case reach trial, our seasoned courtroom attorneys would put forward the most convincing evidence and persuasive witnesses. If successful, we would ask the court for not only compensatory damages to cover our client's expenses and pain and suffering -- we would also argue that the defendants owe our client hefty punitive damages as punishment for the suffering and emotional distress they caused.

We cannot turn back time and make your injuries go away. So instead, we stop at nothing in pursuit of the biggest financial reward possible to help you heal and move on.

What cases we handle

Las Vegas Defense Group represents victims injured in all kinds of accidents in Nevada. And it does not matter if you were partly to blame. Under Nevada's comparative negligence laws, you may still be eligible for money damages as long as you were no more than 50% at fault.

Automobile accidents

Even a minor car collision can cause major injuries. Our legal team conducts a thorough investigation of the crash, including visiting the scene of the accident and hiring accident reconstruction experts if necessary.

We not only file a Nevada car accident lawsuit against the other driver(s) involved: We can also sue the vehicle manufacturers if the car may have been defective, and the mechanics who serviced the car if they caused it to malfunction, and even the city if poor road maintenance or signage contributed to the crash.

In short, we leave no stone unturned in search of monetary rewards for you.

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Hotel injuries

Every day Las Vegas's hotel patrons sustain injuries from wet floors, broken furniture, contaminated food, and violent security guards. Fortunately, hotels are filled with surveillance cameras that capture these accidents as they happen. Often this video is the only evidence necessary to show that the venue was at fault.

In many cases, the corporations that own hotels may be willing to offer a sizable settlement in exchange for not going to trial and all the bad publicity a Nevada hotel injury lawsuit would bring.

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Slip and falls

One slip and fall accident can cause a lifetime of back injuries. And these slips happen everywhere, from supermarkets to malls to government buildings.

We can often show that the venue committed negligence in Nevada by keeping the floor's condition unsafe. Even victims who may have been intoxicated or distracted by their phones at the time of the fall may be eligible to recover a settlement.

Learn more about filing slip and fall accident lawsuits in Nevada.

Dog bites

People bitten by a dog that has been legally classified as "dangerous" or "vicious" may be eligible for substantial money damages from the dog owner. Victims should make sure to photograph their injuries. And they should see a doctor right away. Then our Nevada dog bite lawyers can use those photos and medical records as evidence.

Also see our article on filing suit for a cat bite in Nevada.


Many drownings can be prevented. Either by a lifeguard on duty. Or a working pool gate. But in many cases, neither safeguard was implemented.

The people or companies who were negligent in keeping their pools safe may be held liable for any drownings or near-drownings on their property. And considering drowning injuries often include death or severe neurological damage from lack of oxygen, the at-fault parties may be on the hook for gigantic money damages.

Learn more about filing a drowning lawsuit in Nevada. And filing pool party accident lawsuits in Nevada.

Medical malpractice

Doctors sometimes make a situation worse. Such as by prescribing the wrong medicine. Or botching a surgery. Or missing the clear signs of a serious diagnosis. When doctors commit professional negligence, their injured patients may be able to get a large payout under the doctor's insurance policy.

Suing a physician can seem very intimidating. But doctors are anxious to avoid any bad press. Therefore, it may be quicker and easier than you would think to achieve a great settlement.

Learn more about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in Nevada. As well as our defective medical devices and drugs attorneys in Nevada. And nursing home abuse lawyers in Nevada.

Wrongful death

If a person dies from an accident, that person's estate and family can sue the culprits for such damages as:

  • loss of probable financial support by the victim;
  • loss of companionship, society, comfort, and "loss of consortium" in Nevada;
  • grief or sorrow; and/or
  • funeral expenses

Learn more about our Las Vegas wrongful death lawyers.

Sexual assault

In the wake of #MeToo and Time's Up, more and more survivors are coming forward in pursuit of justice. In addition to filing a police report, survivors may be able to sue their rapists for:

Learn about filing a sexual assault lawsuit in Nevada.

Worker's Comp

Employees injured on the job can often avoid litigation completely by filing a worker's comp claim in Nevada. But it is still an uphill battle. Our personal injury attorneys can help prove that work caused your injury. And we can help ensure you receive all the money and accommodations you are entitled to under the law.

Also see our articles about job injury lawsuits in Nevada. And construction accident lawsuits in Nevada.

Police misconduct

Many good, law-abiding people have stories about law enforcement roughing them up and performing illegal arrests. If the police overstepped their bounds, we will not be satisfied unless they show you how sorry they are with their wallet. Learn about filing police misconduct lawsuits in Nevada.

Mass torts

Our mass tort attorneys represent victims injured by defective medical devices and dangerous drugs. We are currently involved in litigation involving hernia mesh lawsuits, Valsartan lawsuits and Truvada lawsuits

How long do I have to file suit?

In most Nevada cases, accident victims have two (2) years after discovering their injury to file suit. But the statute of limitations may be longer or shorter. It depends on the legal claims. And under some circumstances, the statute of limitations may get tolled (paused).

Will my case settle?

Nearly all Nevada accident cases settle out of court. Trials are time-consuming and expensive. And defendants are often willing to negotiate to avoid a jury.

But plaintiffs should never feel pressured to settle. They can always choose to go to trial. Though many plaintiffs prefer to take a settlement rather than roll the dice with a trial.

What if I was partly at fault?

Plaintiffs can still win a personal injury lawsuit as long as the defendant was at least 50% negligent. However, these plaintiffs will receive proportionally less damages than they would if they were blameless.

Accident victims should never presume they were at fault. A personal injury attorney may be able to present a strong case that the defendant shared at least half the blame.

Can I get punitive damages?

Settlements typically do not involve punitive damages. (Punitive damages are meant purely to punish defendants. This is unlike compensatory damages. These are meant to reimburse plaintiffs for their losses.)

But if the case goes to trial and the plaintiff wins, then the plaintiff's attorney can ask the court to grant punitive damages. In many cases, punitive damages can be three times larger than compensatory damages. 

Will I be deposed?

It depends on the case. Many settlements can be reached without extensive litigation. But sometimes depositions are necessary. They may help build a strong case. And they may give plaintiffs the upper hand in negotiations.

Personal injury attorneys help plaintiffs prepare for depositions. Defense counsel may try to cross the line during questioning. But then plaintiff's counsel can object.

What if the defendant has no money?

Many defendants have an insurance policy that pay out favorable settlements. But even if a defendant is uninsured and impoverished, it still may be worth suing. For instance, the court may grant an order to garner the defendant's wages. Over time, this can add up to a substantial sum.

Additionally, plaintiffs' counsel can also file suit against any other parties that may have shared fault. This may include the defendant's employer. Employers usually have much deeper pockets.

Why hire Las Vegas Defense Group?

Las Vegas Defense Group is an elite team of personal injury lawyers, investigators, paralegals, and legal assistants dedicated to giving your case all the attention it requires.

From reviewing medical evidence and interviewing witnesses to negotiating with insurance adjusters and securing the best expert witnesses in the industry, we will fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve when you need it.

Las Vegas Defense Group earned its sterling reputation from our premier customer service, tireless work ethic, and impressive results. And unlike some Nevada personal injury law firms, we charge you no upfront costs or fees. We do not get paid unless and until you do.

And while we will fight to get you the biggest settlement possible, we will never pressure you to settle your claim out-of-court just to get a fast buck. We can resolve most cases through negotiation. But if necessary we are always ready to take your matter to trial and present your story to a jury.

We understand your life has been turned upside down by your accident. By trusting us with your case and outsourcing your worry to our personal injury team, you can rest assured that your very own legal army is busy battling for all the money available to make things right again.

Trust the law firm that Nevada police rely on

Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO) -- Nevada's biggest association of peace officers with more than one thousand members -- relies on Las Vegas Defense Group to represent its members when they sustain injuries. More than anybody, the police know which personal injury attorneys get the job done. Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers are honored that NAPSO turns to us for help when their people get hurt.

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We know how traumatized and alone you must feel following your accident and coping with your injuries. You do not need the added stress of going up against the insurance companies by yourself. We want you to concentrate on healing so we can concentrate on fighting. And we take zero payment unless we win your case.

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