Nevada "Methamphetamine / Crystal Meth" Laws
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Possession or selling methamphetamine ("meth") is taken very seriously in Nevada. Judges may impose terms in Nevada State Prison and maybe fines. What is more, many employers will not offer jobs to people with narcotics convictions.

Our Las Vegas, Nevada criminal defense lawyers frequently represent clients with meth charges. Much of the time we can get the case dropped or at least have the charges reduced.

Our first step is to try to negotiate a beneficial plea deal with prosecutors. But if they are not being fair, we will fight for you at trial and argue your case to a jury.

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About Methamphetamine in Nevada

Methamphetamine is a schedule II drug that is typically injected intravenously, snorted or smoked. Common names include speed, crystal, crank, tina, tweak, ice and meth.

Methamphetamine Possession Laws in Las Vegas, NV  (NRS 453.336)

Crystal meth possession is a felony crime in Nevada. For a first-time offense, judges are usually willing to dismiss the charge and forgo prison. However, in return, you may need to take a class or complete Nevada Drug Court.

Read extensively about Las Vegas controlled substance possession law in our article: Nevada crime of possession of narcotics / drugs.

Methamphetamine Possession for Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV  (NRS 453.337)

It is a felony in Las Vegas to possess methamphetamine with the intent to sell it. It is possible for a first conviction to result in probation with no prison time.

For thorough information on Las Vegas controlled substance possession for sale law, go to this page: Nevada crime of possession of narcotics / drugs with intent to sell.

Methamphetamine Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV  (NRS 453.321)

Nevada makes it a crime to sell or make methamphetamine. Remember that this law does not penalize purchasing crystal meth. Purchasing meth is charged as either drug possession or trafficking depending on the amount.

For extensive information about Las Vegas drug sale laws, go to our article: Nevada crime of selling narcotics / drugs.

Methamphetamine Trafficking Laws in Las Vegas, NV  (NRS 453.3395)

Nevada trafficking laws apply only when the sum of meth involved is 28 grams or more. Punishments increase when it weighs 200 grams, and they go even higher at 400 grams.

For more information about Las Vegas trafficking laws go to our webpages: Nevada crime of trafficking schedule II drugs (NRS 453.3395) and the Nevada crime of trafficking narcotics / drugs (NRS 453.3385).

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